Chicago Bears fire GM Phil Emery, Coach Marc Trestman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago Bears informed Phil Emery and Marc Trestman Monday morning they will not return as the team’s general manager and head coach for the 2015 season.

Emery was hired in 2012 and Trestman was hired in 2013.

Emery read a brief statement at Halas Hall last Monday morning, thanking the fans, players and Bears organization for their support.  He did not answer any questions.

Trestman issued the following statement:

“I want to thank Virginia, George and the McCaskey family, Phil Emery and Ted Phillips for giving me the opportunity to be the head coach of the Chicago Bears.  I also want to thank all the coaches and players who gave us everything we asked over the past two years.  I have tremendous respect for this organization.  Chicago is a special city with great fans.  I appreciate the warm support my family and I received. ”

This news comes a day after the Bears lost to the Vikings 13-to-9, ending the season with five straight losses.

The Bears finished last in the division and secured the seventh pick in the draft.

Players cleaning out their lockers Monday said they were not surprised by the moves.

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  • Colleen Lane

    ALL these sports players should be ashamed of how much money they make! Firefighters, teachers and cops people who save our lives and teach our children can barely make it and these prima donnas don’t even do their jobs and get millions? They should NOT get paid that much to “play” really? Colleen Lane, Lombard.

    • Jamie

      I agree that they shouldn’t make as much as they do but as long as they fans pay them they will get it. Teachers, firefighters and police are funded by our taxes and taxpayers wouldn’t be able to afford to pay them millions. They do however get pretty comfortable pensions which some of us don’t :(

    • Curley Q Link

      Can’t you say the same thing about news anchors-paid a lot of money to sit in front of a screen and read what someone else wrote. Or actors, who are paid millions to do the same thing. Or singers, who get paid millions to sing. If you don’t like what you are making, then do not do it. Most people would say the same thing about teachers-they get 3 months off in the summer, 2 weeks off at Christmas, another week off in the spring-who would not love that? But what they do not realize is most good teachers have a gift-they love what they do, are skillful at what they do and it shows. They have skills. Would I love to be playing right field for the Cubs? Absolutely!. Why don’t I? Because I do not have the skills to do so. Like it or not, athletes have a skill which most of us do not-therefore as long as we are willing to pay to watch this skill, they should be compensated. Fairness has nothing to do with it. If everything is fair, everyone would earn the same. If that is true, where is the incentive to improve, to better yourself to be the best. This is just a jealous rant, from people who are not good enough to do it. As a wise man once said in a movie, “The world needs ditch diggers too.”

  • Jess DC

    Whoever fired Lovie Smith should be fire. Smith is by far the best coach the bears have ever had . The bears are the
    laughing stock of the bis. The player’s salary should be lowered to state minimum wage , to think they are getting millions just to play , lol! These bears stink , the honey bears could do better.

    • ZebraStripes

      Yeah, he sure did prove himself with all those wins against Green Bay. Now that he’s got Tampa Bay in the Playoffs, who wouldn’t want him back?

  • John Tomaskovic

    As usual, the Bears don’t start high enough. What about Ted Phillips? They have a bean counter as the president of the team, they will never be successful with him there, fire Ted Philips!!!!

  • ZebraStripes

    I loved watching Hester scare the opposing team like he did while a Bear. The guy who made the decision to let him go should get fired if he didn’t already.

  • Dr Ross

    Bears Head Coach? Jack Del Rio – led the Broncos to the playoffs when Fox went on the mend, has experience (successfully) leading the full spectrum of being a head coach, keen defensive mind, loads of passion and energy and has hands on experience that the team will respect.

    OC and Assistant Head Coach – Adam Gase. Great offensive mind (has to be to keep up with Peyton), able to be a strong right hand to Del Rio, he and Del Rio have worked together so they know each others “moves to play well together…..might lose Gase quickly if he returns the Bears to glory quickly and, heaven help us, makes Cutler successful….he would be perceived as the second coming if he could just do those two things..

    Like I said…..simple….just not easy.

    • Toilet Bowl

      The Bears are going to interview a guy named Gase and Bowels…how appropriate..
      The Bears organization is full of sh*#.

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