Homeless man given $100 and secretly followed to see how he would spend it

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

What would a homeless person do with $100? Josh Paler Lin wanted to find out.

So, he picked a homeless person at random — a man named Thomas. He gave him $100 and then secretly followed him with a camera to see what he would do.

How he spends the money will warm your heart.

The video was posted to YouTube Monday, and it has been viewed more than 2 million times and counting.

A link posted in the description has information on how to help Thomas.

The campaign had a $10,000 goal and after 24 hours of the video being posted online, it exceeded that goal.

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  • Al

    A perfect video for Christmas! or anytime. I wish Thomas and all of the persons he helped, to have something to eat, them well. PS: I have to go and get some more Kleenex

  • Nar

    It was not nice to follow him to see how he will spend the money that you gave away. Fortunately, that homeless person is tenderhearted and caring and didn’t let you down.

      • kristen

        I don’t think the idea was to “set him up” , but just to see what actually happens to money given to beggars, which is something people wonder about a lot. I don’t think this video really proved a lot, considering it’s just one random guy and was probably staged, but it’s still a sweet story.

  • Destany

    I love this vid it made me cry…This is how the world is suppose to be, to give even you don’t have much to give, not for us to be greedy and let others starve. God Bless his heart

  • Kayakman

    If this is an authentic video than it’s a huge eye opener and fair dues to the homeless man. However, I’m not entirely sure that it was not staged and scripted. It just seems to be hard to believe.

  • Ima Christian

    Awesome story. I feel bad that so many people comment that this is probably fake or staged. It is a my beleif that most people are good, and that we all would help one another in times of need. A person could script something like this, yes, but that could only come from an idea or thought or first hand experience. This is the way goodness begins. It is also worth mentioning that those commenters who thought it wrong the homeless man be followed are very kind to be concerned that his privacy was violated. But in this case I’m guessing the man will have been grateful. God Bless America Land of Good

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