Blackhawks mourn death of assistant equipment manager Clint Reif

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Blackhawks overcame heavy hearts to win a hockey game 4-0 over Toronto Sunday night.

Before the game, a choked up Coach Joel Quennville informed the team that Assistant Equipment Manager Clint Reif had been found dead in his home Sunday morning.

Reif, who was only 34-years-old, was in his ninth season with the Hawks, the sixth in his current position.

The relationship between NHL players and the staff who care for their skates, sticks and other tools of the trade is perhaps the closest of any group of athletes and support personnel.

After the game, Hawks winger Patrick Sharp tried to talk about Reif with reporters, but became emotional, apologized and left the dressing room.

Reif’s cause of death is still being investigated by Lombard Police and the DuPage County Coroner’s Office.

He leaves behind wife Kelly, three daughters and a son.

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  • Dave

    R.I.P. I’m a Hawks fan and I’ve seen how well the players have treated everyone from top to bottom in the organization. God bless Mr. Reif and his family.

  • Sheri

    I am a Hawks fan in Canada & was shocked to hear of this tragedy. My thoughts & prayers go out to his wife Kelly & their kids. Rest In Peace Clint you will be missed. To the Blackhawks organization my thoughts & prayers are with you as well.

  • Richard Alexander Sir.

    My heart is broken.that only the children of this world cares about humans
    Beings in this gun happy ,world!The ages of human
    Beings ,that don’t care about,color or race ,are the six year old children in
    The park playing ,smiling
    Laughing,and having human ,conversation and not why we need a gun to
    Live in harmony as a normal human being!I see ,people that use their,not being raised ,correctly as an excuse to talk mean to each other,because of lack of leadership at at birth as a baby .l was one of those people,looked at my self ,and we are all human ,why we just be like the smart little children ,in the park,and just say ,Merry Christmass,every day !At least it won’t Hart people.
    Money,land ,Cars,Certificates, Colleges, don’t make a human be respectful to other human beings ,that’s the job of a real HUMAN BEING,MERRY CHRISTMASS,to all humans on this earth,A MAN!

    • Terry

      Because if you’re a soldier you know the risk. It’s actually very inconsiderate to have a family if you are going to be in that line of work.

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