Rahm Emanuel’s son robbed near mayor’s home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The son of Rahm Emanuel was beaten up and robbed by two men close to the mayor's Ravenswood home Friday night.

According to a police report obtained by the Chicago Tribune, Emanuel's 17-year-old son, Zach, was walking on the 4200 block of North Hermitage when he was approached by two people who grabbed him and took his phone before fleeing the scene.

According to the report, the teen was talking on his phone not far from his house. One of the robbers put the teen in a chokehold and the second hit him, knocking him to the ground.

They patted him down and stole his cell phone, making him punch in the security code before they took off.

The report also says the teenager was treated for cuts and bruises on his face by a personal physician at the Emanuel home.

The incident occurred just after 10 p.m. Friday night.

No arrests have been made.

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  • Tim

    Call out the national Guard, the Marines, Air Force and whatever. This stuff does not happen to the pompous, wealthy wimps who reside in the big blow-heart city, Chicago. Oh yeah it does. See how these phony nerds like it. Reality 101 is upon you now hypocrites.

    • inTIMidating

      Hey Tim…take your meds. Although it wasn’t more than media filler let’s not lose touch. I’m actually relieved your not my neighbor.

  • The Black Rush Limbaugh

    The cops only watch the mayors house, but did not see a crime right accross the street. The cops are as NUTTS as the mayor himself. Mr. Emanuel could care less about the citizens of Chicago, and his current police force are only following in his footsteps. MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO!!!

    • TJ Flanagan

      I find it interesting that not only have all of the Chicago TV News, newspapers and radio not reported any description of the attackers, but a few of the news outlets specifically said there was no description of the suspects.

      This sounds fishy?

      If he completely was blindsided, knocked out cold, he could say he can’t describe the suspects. But thats not what happened, as they forced him to provide the password for his phone, so they had a brief conversation.

      Normally the police / press provide a description, are they not because of race sensitivity?

      Does the kid 17, almost 18, have some school assistances that don’t like him, and he was targeted?

      The mayor has talked about his son in terms of “going off to college next year, if I don’t kill him first”, is he a trouble maker, attracting or earning a smack or two?

      I may be overthinking this, or maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I find this very curious. Rahm Emanuel definitely is going to run for president some day. Everything he does, all comments, are explicitly controlled due to his future aspirations.

    • Common Sense

      The people who did this are black. Sadly, the Chicago “news” services refuse to say anything bad about blacks yet will be the first ones to cast stones at any other race. Perhaps they do not want to offend when Chicago becomes the 2nd Detroit?

  • Sad

    Rahm on my behalf of my family I feel for you and yours. Nobody should have to go through this, this can happen anywhere.
    However I hope you take this personally and hire more police? We really need more police, times are harder now for everyone and I truly believe if you put more police on the street creating a higher visibility this would at the very least would make a criminal think a little more about getting caught if they saw more cops roaming the streets that a camera on a pole.

    • Common Sense

      Rahm will hire more police. Sadly, for the rest of us, these new officers will be busy patrolling Rahm’s home and that of his fellow politicians…after all, Chicago has become a town where it is clearly not safe to live if you are trusting your life to that of the mayor and CPD.

    • Bill

      Steve your assessment may be correct. The fact has now become a reality. We call police for the very sam e things. Yes, and guess what no response from calling 911. Perhaps the mayor will feel the fear and anxiety as we do. Not withstanding he has 24/7 protection from Chicago Finest. I don’t live near the area but my guess is there are Dunkin Doughnuts, Burger Kings nearby. You get the hint. More important things to do besides ” serve and protect” all the citizens of this great city equally.

  • Travis Williams

    What?!?!?! If I get robbed in my neighborhood in Chicago, the CPD drops by, does a quick report, and its the end of it. This lousy mayor gets way more service in addition to his detailed cars than any of us, ridiculous!

  • rocky

    Usually when one of the kosher tribe becomes a victim of their favorite big lipped pets we get an accurate description of the suspect in the “news”. In this case they are “people” instead of “teens”. This kid was a victim of kosher privilege. Does this site have an editor? So they “padded” him down then”.?