School board votes to remove member after controversial gay remarks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A large crowd turned up at the Warren Township School Board meeting Tuesday night and many of them were calling for the resignation of one of the members.

Two weeks ago, while discussing the search for a new superintendent for Warren township high school, school board member Liz Biondi said though she personally didn't have problems with gay and lesbian people, she had concerns of hiring gay candidates for superintendent because their personal lives may get in the way of their job.

More than 250 people attended the school board meeting but Biondi was not one of them.

What Biondi said could be in violation of state non-discrimination law.

 Last week, other board members and Gurnee’s mayor called for Biondi to step down.  

Biondi was elected a year and a half ago as a write in candidate.  She received 31 votes.  The only way for her to leave this post is for her to resign or be removed by the Lake County regional superintendent.

The board voted tonight on a resolution asking for that to happen.


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  • Frank

    I have read through what Ms. Bondi said and no where did she say she would not vote to hire a gay superintendent.

    this is political correctness gone too far and fueled by hate and bigotry from the residents of Gurnee. It is a shame.

  • Ms. Z

    When You are in a public office and make a public comment, think before you open your mouth. If you had no issues with a “gay” person then why bring it up. Employment rules have strict guidelines….it’s all about qualifications and experience and not about your sexual preference. Did you review the legal do’s and don’ts of interviewing. Ignorance is no excuse when you’re a volunteer and impacting the career of an individual. Get a clue, get educated and be real.

    You said your sister is a Lesbian…..public outing is another no, no. If this is how you operate your heterosexual mindset did get in the way of your employment; Did you even ask if you could out your sister. Lying to yourself; You do have a prejudice and issues accepting gays. Step down, and go reflect….apologize and privately include your sister in that apology.

  • Frank

    “it’s all about qualifications and experience and not about your sexual preference. Did you review the legal do’s and don’ts of interviewing”

    Exactly Ms. Z – I could not agree more. That is exactly what Ms. No do was looking into. She was doing her due diligence that the rest of the board failed to do. She obviously does not care if someone is guy. But she does care is a gay superintendent is going to go to far.

    Let’s turn this around here for sale of argument. Let’s say you have superintendent who is part of a church that strongly opposes gay marriage. Would you you think it is OK to dismiss him as a candidate? Or, the logical thing would be lets keep that fact in mind as we evaluate this candidate. Make are that candidate did not use their position to spew their personal views.

    The board failed big this time here with their lack of due diligence.

    • Normandy

      Now youre being ignorant. She obviously cares or she wouldn’t have brought it up. The fact that she brought up the person’s orientation proves she is bigoted-she sees them as different and that being gay is controversial. Its not anymore. So she must go. And she WILL go. Please be better.

  • Frank

    Sorry about my spelling errors. I made the mistake of typing this on the IPhone with that darn auto suggest/correct and I didn’t review before submitting.

  • Diane

    According to the report, a large crowd was gathered in the school’s cafeteria to demand Bondi’s ouster. Looking at the audiences faces , you have to wonder “Where were these concerned citizens before when programs had to be cut? Or extra curricular activities had to be canceled. Or fundraisers needed volunteers. These folks weren’t there!

    Sorry folks in he audience, but you don’t get to take the moral high ground.

    • Stacy

      I was there last night, AND I am a consistent volunteer. You made quite a leap, Diane, thinking everyone who showed up last night has been absent up to now. The meeting was respectful, and people (students, parents, staff, and Village officials from both sides of the aisle) spoke from their heart. One cannot advocate screening candidates based on sexual preference (or race, religion, marital status, etc…). It is illegal. Period. I am proud of everyone in my community who stood up again bigotry last night. Ms. Biondi has been a thorn in the side of Warren Township High School since the day she received 31 write in votes to be placed on the board. She needs to go so everyone can go back to focusing on the most important thing…our (all our) children’s education.

      • silent_screamer

        Thirty-one write-in votes gets you elected to school board. And now people are upset about who got elected. My Poli-Sci professor said you get the government you deserve and Warren Township demonstrates that perfectly.

      • Stacy

        Silent Screamer, I don’t think anyone deserves what is happening at Warren Township, but I do hope this encourages more people who truly have the students’ best interests at heart to run for school board. It definitely has been a living civics lesson.

      • Stacy P.

        Well, I can now cross off Gurnee as a place I would move to, as it is filled with intolerant bigots.

        The sad part about this whole ordeal is this removal has nothing to do with Biondi’s comments but it has to do with the board forcing her out. She never said she would not hire a gay (that is a fact). The fact that the board is using “gay rights” as an issue to remove a board member is homophobic and bigoted. Funny to watch the Gurnee clowns fall for it hook line and sinker.