Awkward Jay Cutler postgame presser ends after 3 questions

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jay Cutler didn't seem to have much fun Monday night.

After the New Orleans Saints dismantled the Bears on ESPN's "Monday Night Football," 31-15, Chicago's quarterback seemingly wanted nothing more than to go into hibernation.

During a postgame press conference, Cutler fielded three questions from a reporter before a long, awkward pause, as no other questions came his way.

The reason: Chicago media weren't there.

The mixup led to Cutler's increased impatience, as he probably had no interest in talking about his three interceptions.

Or the fact he was sacked seven times.

Or the fact he had a passer rating of 55.8 against statistically one of the league's worst defenses.

Or the fact the Bears are now 5-9, last place in their division, and are now guaranteed a losing record for 2014.

Check out the exchange as Cutler decided he had better things to do than wait for media to show up.

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  • Friday

    Cutler surely is embarrassed of his play……. But both good and bad come your way in life and you really see who a person is when it gets rough. So at least fans know what this guy is really about.

  • arubatom

    Cutler is not interested in playing football for the Bears…in fact at this point in his “illustrious career”, who would want him?? He does not exhibit any type of leadership on the field, no fire in the belly. Yes, definitely suckered in with that contract he got…no pride..yet the paychecks keep coming, don’t they Jay???

    • Diane

      I’ve always felt that Jay Cutler was using the NFL as a stepping stone to his real career calling . Jay and the Mrs are perfect personalities for the MTV network in their own reality series.

      Say what you want , there are a few folks who have made hugh fortunes as reality celebrities who have longer careers than quarterbacks.

  • Language of Aloof

    His body and face always tell the truth. He’s disinterested, aloof and almost sickly looking. I can just hear his reality wife “Jay, what are you doing? Don’t get hurt…you’ve got 50 million guaranteed…don’t you want life after football…who cares…the Bears don’t care about us”.