Amber Alert cancelled for 2 young girls in Marion, Illinois

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
From left: Celsie Erwin, 7; Damon H. Jones,

From left: Celsie Erwin, 7; Damon H. Jones, 37; and Corbyn Erwin, 9.

Police in downstate Marion, Illinois, have cancelled an Amber Alert for Corbyn Ewin, 9, and Celsie Erwin, 7.

According to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department, the suspect is in custody and the girls are fine.

Authorities said Damon H. Jones, 37, had taken his stepchildren Sunday night without permission and has concealed their location since then.

There are no other details about how Jones and the girls were found.

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    • Amber

      I’m pretty sure taking the girls, who are not his children, without permission from the mother counts as kidnapping. I don’t see how you can call that a “family dispute” when it very quickly could’ve turned into a double homicide.

      • Diana Davis-Tounsi

        I have to agree with you. Anything involving children being abducted, regardless why or by who, needs to be an Amber Alert. The person who disagrees, obviously does not have children or grandchildren. If they do, they should put themselves in this mother’s place and try to understand how they would feel, no matter the conditions. I for one, are glad that they are alright.

    • Diane.

      @ Ellie& Diana~

      So in your world…. the custodial parent is never the threat. Moms never have drug issues or anger problems. Biological moms never hurt their kids,

      You two are much more informed than I am AND know that the mom ( in this scenario) was the victim . You may be right but I would never assume that without all the facts. Since in some cases the step parent could be the one protecting the children.

      • ifirgit

        Glad to see that these girls have been found. To the comment that “family disputes should not be labeled as Amber Alert.” all I have to say is parents have been known to murder there own children because they cannot have custody. Why would you not want to have these children become listed on Amber Alerts?? Have you not ever heard of someone issuing the threat “if I can’t have them neither will you?” Unfortunately it happens all too often. And it can be either a mother or a father.

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