Vegan teacher in Ohio fired over Facebook post

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A second grade Title I teacher in Ohio was fired over a Facebook post.

Keith Allison worked with small groups of kids needing extra help with math and language arts skills.

Aside from teaching, Allison is also a vegan and animal rights advocate who shares his beliefs on his personal Facebook page.

According to WJW, Allison posted a picture of a local dairy farm that shows crates that are used to house baby cows who are separated from their mothers at birth.

“As someone who grew up feeling parental love and support, and now as a parent who gives love and support, I reject the claim that separating babies from loving mothers to raise them isolated in boxes can ever be considered humane,” Allison wrote in his Facebook post.

Allison said that it was after that post that the school district pulled his one-year contract when it was up for renewal.

Allison’s superintendent informed him that the owners of the farm had called about his post.

“The fact that their family’s farm was in the picture, I guess, is where their complaint was coming from and from what I was told, they were fearful, afraid that someone might come and break their calf crates or free their cows and their children were not safe to be out in their yards,” Allison said.

Allison also told WJW that during the meeting with his superintendent, he was informed that they live in agricultural area and that a lot of money for the schools comes from the residents of the community.

“I was also told that I could have any personal beliefs I want to have, but if I want to be a strong Vegan advocate, I might want to look into doing something other than teaching.”

Allison is asking for his job back with back pay, saying he was well liked and respected.

For more on the story, visit: WJW


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  • diane.

    The gentleman had a one year contract as a teaching assistant and the contract wasn’t renewed. He wasn’t fired ….he can still keep his beliefs but he has to find employment elsewhere.

    • Peter Mattachine

      Diane, when did y’all get internet access on the farm? Did you let the poor little calves out of those miserable crates yet?

    • Silent_screamer

      Diane, you are correct. The article states he’s a Title 1 teacher. I don’t believe they belong to any kind of a union and school districts get the funding thru grants. Maybe the grant ran out, maybe the district is going in a different direction, maybe he wasn’t that wonderful as a teacher’s aide , maybe he should have stayed OFF facebook.

      • Zebra Stripes

        Agreed, but we already know there are plenty of morons in Ohio, and this guy had the bad luck of working for some.

  • Scot Conway, Ph.D., J.D.

    Just for knowing what actually happened, I note that we only have one perspective here. I don’t see anything in the article indicating that a reporter talked to the school or the farm. Even so, I’ll just assume everything we’re told here is accurate and go from there.

    The gentleman was a Title 1 teacher on a one-year contract. Every contract renewal is like a rehire, and a lack of renewal is not firing someone. As a superintendent, I might have a problem having a staff member who uses photos of community businesses, attacks community business practices, and gets me receiving concerned calls from members of my community…. and then expecting me to keep rehiring him to serve the community.

    When you’re going after practices of the majority of families in your community, it’s important to be diplomatic. Complaints from the locals, the children, or the parents can easily get a contract not-renewed. It might have been overboard if the person was actually fired, but it is perfectly appropriate for them to not be rehired.

    • Zebra Stripes

      Yeah, I’m sure the same thing happened a lot in 1930’s Germany, and you probably would have applauded that, too. Can’t have people complaining about the concentration camps when the locals are making money off them.

      • Randy

        Why is it that whenever someone doesn’t have a logical and relevant reply they immediately jump to Hitler and the Holocaust? There’s a huge difference between torture of your fellow man and the perceived mistreatment of animals that are raised for food. To try and make that comparison is both ignorant and offensive. By trying to inject this sort of negative emotion into the issue you belittle the actual atrocities of the Holocaust.

        The bottom line of this incident is that people need to be careful about what they post in a public way. You wouldn’t preach about gun control if you work for the NRA or a gun manufacturer. The fact that this person used a picture of a local business rather than a generic image of the issue at hand suggests that he was specifically targeting the local companies. That they saw the image or it was brought to their attention suggests that he puts himself and his Facebook out fairly publicly and the image was easily recognizable. As a superintendent you CAN NOT dismiss the concerns of your students parents when it comes to their safety and whether the teacher was a fanatic or not he’s likely to have followers who are. It’s possible that the reaction to his post was overboard, but considering we’re only hearing his side and it’s not all that compelling an argument I can’t feel that sorry for him. People need to take more responsibility for their actions and the effect those actions may have on themselves and others.

      • Eddie Matsuoka

        I agree with you Randy. People need to stop comparing anything they personally don’t agree with to the Holocaust or to Nazis. Is that the only history they know? Can’t a thing be compared to things like it, not to the greatest example of mass insanity and evil the world has ever known?

    • sheila

      Hes lucky hes not in jail for criminal trespass. the best way to keep ur job and get along in rhis life is mind ur own businss. he failed to do that. he lost his job a.nd had no business on the peoples property

    • SUZY

      Randy, you are the very ignorant one, do you even know anything about the holocaust of animals that goes on and on and has no end? Wake up!

  • sheila

    Hes lucky hes not in jail for criminal trespass. the best way to keep ur job and get along in rhis life is mind ur own businss. he failed to do that. he lost his job a.nd had no business on the peoples property

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