Two men caught on camera attacking elderly CTA Blue Line passenger

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police are looking for two men who assaulted an elderly man on the CTA's Blue Line.

The fight was captured on video and posted on YouTube.

The recording shows two men taking turns smacking and jabbing an elderly man on the Blue Line near the Racine stop.

The victim never filed a report according to Chicago police, but community leaders are calling for justice to be served so police have launched an investigation.

The video has been watched 90,000 times.

It did capture the faces of the attackers. It's not clear when the attack happened.

The CTA is turning over additional surveillance video to police.

Police want the victim to come forward and file a report.

Community activist Andrew Holmes  was  passing out flyers to those who ride the Blue Line earlier today. He’s encouraging people to call his tip-line at 1-800-U-TELLUS if you have any information on this attack.




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  • Al

    Two the two scumbags who did this: Put your hands up, so I can choke you both out! So where are all your daddys, the kings of protest?? Al Sharpton, Jessie and Barack? I hope they catch you, and someone beat the #$%^& out of you! worthless, useless PUNKS!

  • Fedup

    What injustice against minorities? Don”t break the law…..don’t resist arrest when you break law! Don’t be waving guns around and pointing them at the Police , you’ll probably get shot. Why won’t Holder and Obama make public statements like this? They are they the ones saying it’s the Police fault, not the folks that break the law. The laws are written for all Americans…… no special exceptions for thugs and Blacks. It’s always somebody else’s fault and not their own! Take a good look in the mirror….you’re the problem!

  • AH

    To all the disgusting, RACIST people making horrible, ugly comments about “savages” and “sub-human savage race” …NOT ALL Black people are BAD. This crime is horrible! I also am angry and pissed off @ these ignorant losers for doing this to an innocent person, minding his own business, heck, I take the CTA myself. I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone. But your comments show what’s in your heart anyway. ALL Black people are not like these thugs.

  • LaBraun Keith Atkins

    Would you people PLEASE STOP with the idiotic comments about Sharpton, Jackson, and protests? They CAN NOT comment on and protest EVERY case that occurs, and you very well know this. You also know that they DO speak out on and try to do something about these things, as well as others that are doing things to try to get these things to end. My friends and I have even circulated their pictures and asked for someone to turn them in. You know they WILL be turned in. Please stop this. You show your true colors when you say stuff like that.

  • Brettly

    those two little punks should come up to rogers park and give me a go. I’ll take them both at the same time and send them both to the hospital. Two jerks that deserve to get the ever loving shit kicked out of them.