Cook County inmate attacks public defender during jail visit

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A public defender was hospitalized after his client attacked him inside the Cook County jail Wednesday.

Authorities say Jimmie Terrell Smith hit attorney Richard Kruss with his handcuffs.

Kruss suffered a cut to the back of his head and was conscious and talking as he was taken to the hospital.

Smith has been awaiting trial for five years in the rapes of five women and two 14-year old girls, among other charges.


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  • Cook County Jail Guard.

    Another security breach created by Sheriff Tom Dart cutting officer positions at the jail. Dart has 244 political positions on his payroll and has cut hundreds of officer positions. Just a little fact you wont hear in the reporting. I was working a tear today by myself with over 110 inmates. Very safe indeed.

  • concerned person

    Tom Dart loves and babies his inmates. It’s turning into a hug a thug jail, officers are not allowed to enforce rules unless it benefits only the administration

  • Diane.

    So Mr Smith does not like public defenders who are paid for thru public tax dollars. Thats O.K. Let him stay confined and pay for his own legal team.

  • Porlisa

    Speedy trial my ass. The guy has been “awaiting trial five years.” I guess his impatience is starting to slow. He shouldn’t have attacked his public defender though.

  • darryl ellis

    There is no speedy trial in cook county. Either you plea guilty for lesser time, whether you’re guilty or not, or you will be in there for years. And yes it’s. Mainly due to the very poor jobs the public defenders do. There have been murderers sentenced sooner than traffic violators. And im a living and free witness to the way the brken wheel of justice rolls in illinoisand cook county. The jail is a modern day slavery hub. It’s. All about the money for illinois politicians and that’s. Why the things on the streets are happening. Plain and simple. They lock us up, not for nothing, but for the Money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.,and no one seems to want to understand the real problem. Tom Dart is doing what he is for the money and so is those dirty and corrupt officers who run the jail. Bringing in drugs and all sorts of other contraband. Stop crying and start praying punk officers and trick detainees

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