Man sneaks note to stranger at NFL game warning of cheating lady

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

In a move that could have some lauding him as a Good Samaritan and others lambasting him as a busybody, a fan at a recent NFL game reportedly slipped a note to a stranger that could have life-changing consequences.

During a Thanksgiving game between the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, a man says he noticed a couple sitting in front of him: the woman, who appeared to be pregnant, he said, was texting another man, named “Jason,” talking about how much she wanted to be with him.

According to Mad World News, the man claims the woman shut or hid her phone whenever her significant other turned his head. So he wrote a note to the other man, and gave it to him, saying “I don’t know you and you don’t know me, read this when you get home, trust me,” an exchange he reportedly described on Facebook.

Images of the note have since gone viral, with popular social media channel reddit featuring the photo.

“Hey bro, I don’t know you and you don’t know me,” the note reads. “When you get home check your girls phone. She’s been texting “Jason” saying she wishes she had been with him all day! Take care wish you the best Happy Thanksgiving and #Chive On!”

It’s not known what became of the couple after that.


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  • Nafeesah

    That girl better be ready to explain this to her husband about texting another man saying she wishes she was with him…..amazing how some people want the marriage, but will cheat on their partners and spouses. Sounds like the same game my ex played with me texting other women saying he wants to be with them over me and then lied about it to my face and then had other people telling me he was cheating. If I was that guy I would have made some mad changes that would include the dismissal of that person from my life. Nobody should tolerate cheating and especially doing it on a date with someone I supposedly loved. If I was the guy who got this note he should thank the person who caught his girl doing this because now she has no room to lie when the man saw what she did and called her on it by letting her man know he needs to check his girl’s phone. It’s sad that people treat their faithful partners and spouses like trash and think nothing of the consequences that their actions could bring to the marriage or relationship. I believe in KARMA and what this woman did is coming back to bite her in the a**. I feel sorry for this guy who is with this woman to know that she’s practically cheating on him right in his face now that a total stranger dropped that bombshell about his girl cheating. I am sure that by now this revelation has opened up this guy’s eyes to his girlfriend/wife’s fidelity and level of commitment to the relationship/marriage. It doesn’t pay to cheat on the person you are supposed to love.

  • Laura Lee Wojtowicz

    HOW CAN ANYONE SEE THE TEXTING CLEARLY BEHIND UNLESS YOU ARE SO CLOSE, ONE WOULD HEAR or feel the BREATHING?? A thought of twist: Jason could be the man who warned the husband. Jason probably didn’t know of her husband. AND saw him and gets mad getting revenge.

    • dontbeadope

      You must not have ever been to a football game. You are packed in like sardines and with all the noise and distractions it is very easy to see what the person in front of you is doing. If you don’t want to get caught, don’t do it in public.

    • Rich

      couldnt agree more with you.

      This is news!

      This is the depth of a major news outlet in a major city?
      Any how: feel sorry for the poor chap.

  • Damon

    Why are people saying he shouldn’t have done that? Yea it wasn’t his business but wouldn’t you want to know your girlfriend was cheating on you? That baby probably isn’t even his everything was probably a lie. He deserved to know. But I bet if it was the guy cheating and another women warned his girl it’s okay. Like come on. Good look out bro

      • Russ Carlson

        Having been through a marriage in which my ex was having multiple inappropriate relationships. I would truly rather that someone would have said something to me than stay out as they did. There literally were hundreds that knew the things that were going on, yet nobody said a thing. I would rather someone stick their nose into it and have been an innocent thing than to have been blind sided as I was.

  • About to POP

    Come on…she was texting her gynecologist like “I’m ready to burst, I want to be with you”…or her best friend that’s gay like “I want to spend time at Crate and Barrel with you”…or her AA sponsor like “I’m going to drink I need you”…Jason could be her husband and she was at the game with her stupid brother that landed tickets and has no friends.

  • Under_Our_Noses

    Chive on !! I love Chivers .. always lookin’ out for each other . even if it was nothing and maybe she was texting her brother or something, it was still a great thing to do for someone.