Loyola University student shot, killed in attempted robbery

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A 23-year-old Loyola University student was shot and killed during an attempted robbery just blocks from the school's lake shore campus.

It happened just before 8 p.m. last night in the 1300 block of West Albion in the Rogers Park neighborhood.

The student identified as Mutahir Rauf, from Pakistan, was walking with his brother when two men tried to hold them up.

Rauf thought the gun was a toy and reached for it.

That's when he was shot in the chest and head.

Authorities say Rauf died at the scene.

His brother was not injured.

No one is in custody for the shooting.

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  • Lashonda joness

    Will there be protests over this murder ? Nope his skin is not dark enough. For. Jesse and al. Or rev flaker to care. No financial gain to be made . My guess is that it is one of the impoverished African Americans that did this .

    • Zebra Stripes

      The funny thing is, if a white had killed him, you likely would be calling the victim a “Pakistani Terrorist” and say the shooting was justified.

  • Hmmm Wonder?

    Why is it, if an african american gets shot or beat by anybody other than another african american in the news its always almost never a possible hate crime.
    Yet when the shoe is on the other foot there is no mention, or a further sincere investigation of a hate crime?
    A week or si ago a newd report said “They where just angry boys” and this what an article said when a caucasian man was beat to death with hammers by multiple offenders in MO.
    This type of down playing only adds fuel to more disconnection and hostility.

    • steve riley

      That is because crimes can only classified as hate crimes if committed towards minority groups. Not in reverse. This was declared by the current adm some time ago.

    • steve riley

      In 2009 Eric Holder went on record and testified before a Senate judiciary Committee.
      Eric Holder, on that 25th of June proclaimed that the new hate crime legislation would not protect “white people” or “Christian ministers.” Generally speaking a hate crime is defined as a targeted attack against an individual or groups based on characteristics such as race, religion, ethnicity and now even sexual orientation. Eric Holder, while being grilled by the committee maintained his position by stating that the new legislation was written to protect those that have historically been oppressed and targeted because of skin color or religious affiliation, giving African Americans and Jews as examples.

  • Nick

    My gut is telling me a certain race of people did this killing on this kid. When will we as a society start to motivate people to not have kids that can’t raise them intellectually, financially, or emotionally! We have way too many unwanted kids being brought up by people that have no ability to raise anything! These unwanted kids are a menace to society and at some point we need to motivate people to stop having kids that only grow up to terrorize and kill people. This is so sad.

      • r

        What happens when a community fights AGAINST “gentrification”, and forces civilized people to live along side unintelligent and uncivilized people? The ONLY thing preventing this sort of thing being a daily occurance are the VIDEO cameras all around Loyola! If the truth about black on white (or other races) was publicized people would FEAR for their safety every moment! Only a small % of crimes are solved, and even fewer have convictions, yet blacks make up the majority of people behind bars! Look at this sad story–no description of the shooter = black. That way they pacify the community!

    • Franklin

      B.B.,I would like to see just one black commenter simply acknowledge that a black or blacks have done something heinous instead of resorting to one of the three standard copouts: 1. racial discrimination/profiling, 2. referring back to the pre-Civil War slavery era, or 3. pointing out that whites also commit heinous crimes.

    • Zebra Stripes

      The best thing that kid ever did was shoot his mama first. She created that monster. Without guns he would have been just another nerd.