Another night of protests yields more arrests

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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Chicago police have so far arrested five people in tonight's protest in downtown.

The crowd has grown since the march started around 1 p.m. this afternoon.  But it has remained peaceful for the most part, stopping at points for moments of silence for both Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

Demonstrators are protesting a grand jury’s decision not to indict a New York City police officer for the chokehold death of Garner as well as a similar decision in Ferguson, Missouri.

Among those arrested were a 26-year-old man, a 22-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman were arrested for public peace violations.  "Those were all for peaceful protesters who blocked the street after officers repeatedly asked them not to do so.," police said in a statement.

This is a developing story.  Check back for details.


Data pix.

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  • silent_screamer

    Take the TV cameras off them and see how many people protest. Mush of the trouble seen recently can be contributed to television networks highlighting the violence.

    • Reverend JD

      I don’t know that you’ve ever protested because of something you believe in (I have, including this past week). We are out there regardless of the media coverage. But the media coverage is what we want, as this helps spread the word as well, show the world we are serious about this situation. One begets the other. Take away the cameras and we spread the word through other means, but trust me … they cannot resist a good protest!

  • Ismael

    These morons need to understand that the police is not going to kill them but their own race. Go home before it gets dark or if the police stops following them , they will go home quickly. Those few whites protesting are either drug users who were arrested by police in the past or implanted by the police which is a good idea.

  • ben dover

    No one out there cares about black lives, if they did, they would be out there marching every time one is killed, they don’t even make a sound when some innocent black baby is caught in crossfire,

    • Red

      Right!!!!! I understand the need or want to express emotions about Brown and Garner. However, things will not change. They can protest all they want. Soon they will look foolish and be forced by police to stop period. Yes!!! Why not go march for black on black crimes…why not march for the 17 year old who was shot and killed two days ago….why not march for all the innocent babies and children whose life has ended due to senseless violence! Care about ALL black lives….not just national attention ones who are in the race victim circle. Get it together people!

  • Zebra Stripes

    I’m proud that some Americans still think its important to stand up to police brutality. Sadly, others firmly believe that apartheid has a place in America and the killing of blacks for petty crimes is acceptable.

    • zebraidiot

      Black lives matter…so why do 97% of black murders happen at the hands of a BLACK? A young black scholar was killed last week by a black gangbanger. He said he did it for street credit because they were jealous the kid got a scholarship. You hate when one of your own has more than you.

  • poorus

    Here’s a unique idea…get a clue to what the facts are and stop the poor us bullshit. Protest? How about getting an education, then a job, then a family? Stop having kids at 14, then milking the government for every free ride and running the streets like it’s the wild west…then try respecting the Police that have to monitor your animal streets and see what happens.

    • Gary W

      You have said it perfectly….”ZEBRA STRIPES” is such an uneducated individual…probably one of the anchors in society….collecting food stamps, raising 7 kids from 6 fathers, and not looking for employment….probably would be better off joining the protests so he/she can get arrested and a warm cell to live in

  • Al

    HAHA! Protesting for what?? is there a cause here? While you are at it. Why not protest Benghazi? Your government is a joke! HAHA or TATA! Barack hahaha

    • to the streets!

      That’s it…I’m organizing a protest against Zebra Stripes! Let’s all meet at 12 noon in front of gje Blackstone Theatre…we’ll march

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