Police investigating if Michael Brown’s stepfather intended to incite riot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Authorities are formally investigating whether Michael Brown’s stepfather intended to incite a riot last week when he urged a crowd in Ferguson, Missouri, to “Burn this bitch down” after the grand jury’s ruling was announced, the city’s police chief said Tuesday.

No charges have been filed against Louis Head in the incident, but police have interviewed people who know Head and who were with him November 24, the day a prosecutor announced that Officer Darren Wilson (who has since resigned) would not be indicted in the August 9 shooting, Police Chief Tom Jackson said.

Shortly after St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch’s announcement, Head stood above a crowd of demonstrators — some of them shouting “F—the police!” — and yelled, “Burn this motherf—er down!” and “Burn this bitch down!”

Ferguson, already tense from weeks of awaiting the grand jury’s ruling, erupted following McCulloch’s news conference.

A row of businesses on West Florissant Avenue, a major thoroughfare in the St. Louis suburb, was engulfed in flames. Police cars and vehicles at a nearby dealership were turned into fireballs. There were so many blazes that firefighters couldn’t reach all of them.

Police have not spoken to Head about his actions, but they intend to do so, Jackson said, adding that multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the investigation.

The police chief told TV and radio host Sean Hannity something similar Monday, but he didn’t classify the probe as formal.

“We are pursuing those comments, and there’s a lot of discussion going on about that right now, but I really can’t get into that at this time,” he said.

Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump has previously called Head’s remarks inappropriate but asked the public not to condemn the family for being human. More recently, he told CNN to remember that Brown’s mother and father have repeatedly asked protesters to remain peaceful.

He further called Head’s statements “indefensible” and “not appropriate in any way.”

“We don’t condone people acting on emotion calling for people to do irresponsible things at all,” Crump told CNN. “And so we want his family, his mother and father’s message to come across louder than anybody who might be associated with them. … And they can’t control what others do. They can control what they pray for.”

Others have called for Head’s arrest, including Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, who told radio host Laura Ingraham last week “that he should be arrested and charged with inciting to riot.”

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  • Ron Melancon

    If any one of us did this we would have been arrested. Since who is above the law? Why are they afraid to enforce the law. Look the whole episode is horrific but all of this was started by the victim. If you didn’t read the Grand Jury’s findings than all of these riots should not happen …
    We need law and order in America and we need our police officers to be able to do their jobs


    These people were going to loot, and riot whatever the outcome. Everything was already soaked in gas so all that was needed was a spark. The Step-Father, of all people, had no problem providing that. One would think that he would be the one trying to keep peace. But, he doesn’t appear any more civilized then the rest of the thugs. (Droopy pants, hand gestures, garbage spilling out of his mouth) What a roll model of a father. Sad! And normal society is supposed to treat all people alike!

  • John

    Becareful what type of law enforcement you want in America, the above the law criminals and race hustlers will get what they want.

  • Maureen Coffey

    This seems to be a never-ending story. In the few months I have read reports about the Michael Brown shooting I have seldom read so much conflicting evidence from all sides. But “not condone people to act on emotion” – then they should ban Black Friday sales …

  • George

    From Michael Brown to his Mother , Father , Stepfather , this complete family are sick animals as is anyone in the Liberal Media and anyone that protest for him or try’s to defend him !

  • Tom Scott

    Oh. I see this is a racist post. Let me tell you pink guys what you can do (There’s no such thing as a white man, just different shades of pink). Get a gene scan. Find out who your great, great grandmother was and go linch yourselves. FK racists, and fk American pigs. And for god’s sake cover up that awful fish belly pink skin. ewwwwwww.

    • zebraidiot

      So Tom Scott you’re an idiot… what color are you? I’d check your gene pool to find out why your IQ is under 80…mommy drop you on your head.

  • The Smart One

    You’re all idiots. Your own government incites riots every year and calls it “Black Friday”. I can’t wait until you fascist fools all die off so your better educated children can inherit the Earth and put your historical legacy and global hatred and rape to rest once and for all. You all are cowards behind computers. You probably are friendly with African-Americans in your day to day lives, but you’re such chicken shit that here online is the only place you will ever articulate how you really feel. I’m agnostic, but in times like these, I wish I knew God was real, that way I could be sure that you’re all going to hell, where you can cop a squat next to Hitler and all those dead bastards from past KKK eras and talk all the shit you want about whoever. Your White Supremacy is nearing an end. Because everything that has a beginning must have an end. A new beautiful world full of understanding and compassion is upon you. Your children will reap the benefits of this of course – not you. Your own parents and grandparents have already fucked you up.

  • PantsUpDon'tLoot

    Originally, some people actually felt sorry for this kid. But as we learned more about him and his family, they started thinking. The continued violence from these animals, day in and day out, this cause have turned many people away from any support they may have felt.

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