Father’s texts never read by son killed in crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A North Carolina father texted his son to warn him about a crash less than a mile from home only to find out that he was killed in the wreck.

According to WFMY, 16-year-old Jordan Deal was driving his friends John Leonard, Caige Campbell and Caige’s sister Kayleigh home from school when his car ran off the road, hit several trees and overturned, state troopers said.

John, 18, and Kayleigh, 15 were killed. Caige, 17, was seriously hurt.

John’s father, Jeffrey Leonard, sent him a text after noticing a car accident near their home. It read: “Where are you?”

A couple minutes later, Leonard’s sent another message: “John answer me right now. There has been a very serious car wreck below the church…air care is here now…I want to know it isn’t you.”

After no response, Leonard called his son. During his second attempt, a state trooper answered the phone.That’s how Leonard found out his only child was killed, just three days before Thanksgiving.

“It’s like a nightmare you don’t wake up from,” Leonard told WFMY.

Pieces of the car John was riding in still lie on the side of the road where the crash happened.

Jordan Deal has been charged in the fatal crash, WFMY reports.

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  • carol

    I know how this dadcfels. And it is a nightmare you never wake up from. But it gets a little more tolerable over thevyears. :) God is all that helped me. GOD bless you

  • Cindy

    also lost my son in a car accident a couple miles from home. Similar scenario. Now my remaining 5 children are plagued with the impation texts and calls when there is an accident in the area. My heart goes out to the entire family. Hopefully it makes them closer and stronger and doesn’t cause distance as death often does.

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