Minimum-wage workers in Chicago about to get pay hike

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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The Chicago City Council voted 44-5 Tuesday to increase the minimum wage.

Chicago’s minimum wage workers will see their first increase next July, when the rate increase to $10 an hour from the current statewide hourly rate of $8.25.

It then will increase by 50 cents in July 2016 and another 50 cents in July 2017. The minimum wage would go up $1 in July 2018 and $1 in July 2019 to reach $13 an hour.

About 400,000 people in Illinois make minimum wage.

This is a developing story. Check back for details.

Data pix.

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  • Carrie

    Well, I hope that people are ready to lose their jobs, if this passes. Those that remain will certainly be earning their $15/hr.

  • lesann100

    Given that workers with no skills might be given a huge percentage increase….what about those that actually have some skills and already make that wage. I dont think those people will be too happy (for instance a supv or manager) to be making the same wage as these non skilled workers. Everyone else above them and with more skills will want to be fairly treated with similar pay hikes….I would like a nice 35% hike in my hourly wage too….

  • lesann100

    PS, if I was an employer in which my workers walked off their jobs or consistantly blew off work for these marches…their butts would be canned!

    • Frank PoWell

      Did you take your brain out to play with and forget to put it back? An increase in the minimum wage will be passed along as price increases. That means you will be able to buy less with the same amount of money. This is in effect a pay cut for you!

  • Diane F.

    These people in this picture are properly illegal immigrants getting free medical, free housing and other benefits plus a they want a pay hike msking $15.00 an hour?

      • Carrie

        We shall see, we shall see. No need for name calling, Natalli. You must be one of those that will benefit from the increase in the minimum wage, huh? Sorry to step on your toes. Also, sorry if you are one that will soon lose your job.

      • Carrie

        Natalli, I’ve really had it with your filthy mouth. I am reporting you. And, by the way, I KNEW that you were one of those people making minimum wage. It really shows.

      • pedro7869

        Panera bread in beverly just released it won’t renew its lease due to having to pay non skilled labor 13 an hour. Hope they are happy they have no jobs now. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! No unskilled laborer deserves 13 an hour. Time to buck up and make something better of themselves, not to settle with just plain mediocrity. This is why America is no longer a proud nation. Garbage happy with garbage.

    • Carrie

      Diane, I must admit that I know many illegal people who are collecting benefits AND working for cash. So, yes, you are correct.

  • Chris

    I just don’t recognize the US anymore. Someone works hard, earns multiple degrees (with thousands of $$$ in student loan debt), sacrifices relationships with friends and family members to get ahead in the workplace….and they enjoy the burden of inflated middle class taxes and complete lack of assistance from the government.

    Why should we even try to work hard and educate ourselves anymore? There is no point when you can have no skills or formal education and make salaries at $15+ per hour with tons of free government help. I didn’t make that much money until after I finished my Master’s Degree. This country is totally backwards.

      • Carrie

        Natalli, Again, no reason for name calling. I would love to see your evidence that EVERYONE’S wages are going to go up. That is absolutely ridiculous. (As a fellow Russian, I am a bit embarrassed by your comments. You ARE Russian, no? Or, are you Ukranian? No need to comment, Just joking…)

    • Carrie

      Chris, I completely agree with you. It is becoming harder and harder to stay motivated to do something with your life. How do I explain the value of college to my son who will be going in 1-1/2 years? I guess I will just have to explain the value in terms of dealing with people who lack an education.

  • lesann100

    NO doubt there will be a spike in unemployment in June or July…….these are entry level no skill positions…anyone who thinks they can afford to raise a family on it is an idiot…and that explains why they are in min age jobs at age 35…. and those slightly up the ladder in skill who are already making $10 an hour…will be considered being paid min wage and will likely expect (as they should) to get a 20% pay increase as well….I

    • Carrie

      I would like to know when minimum wage jobs became careers. It seems like people are getting lazy. Instead of gaining skills/education and moving forward in their careers (and making more money), they just take the easy way out. Apply for a no/low-skill, minimum wage job and then just sit there for years. Minimum wage jobs are no/low-skill jobs and are not worth the amount of money that people seem to think they should be paid for them. I had a minimum wage job in high school because it was my first job and I knew nothing. Really, $15 for a fast food job? It seems that everything is backwards. Instead of being paid according to one’s skill, one expects to be paid enough to cover one’s expenses. That is NOT how it works. If that was they way it works, I want to move into a huge home in Kenilworth, drive a Maybach, vacation in Europe for a month every year, etc. AND, I want to work part time at McDonald’s slinging crappy food AND I want to make enough money to cover my expenses. Of course, I am exaggerating.

  • Carrie

    WGN Web Admin: Please take a look at the inappropriate comments being made by “Natalli Kosenkova Aint-Havinit”. This type of language should not be tolerated on this message board. I suggest banning her.

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