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Man dies after being struck by hammers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police are investigating an overnight homicide in south St. Louis.

It happened around 1:15am Sunday on Gravois and Itaska, near Bevo Mill.

A man, identified as Zemir Begic, 32, was struck on the head, face, mouth, and abdomen. He was taken to a hospital where he died of his injuries.

An investigation determined that Begic was in his car when several juveniles came up on foot and began to strike the car.

Begic got out and the four suspects began yelling at him and hitting him with hammers. After the assault, the four ran away.

Two were caught and taken into juvenile custody. Police are still searching for two others, a 16-year-old black male and a 15-year-old Hispanic.

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  • John

    How close to Ferguson was this attack?
    Did the offenders attack the victim because of lawlessness and rioting the last few days??
    Will the Media bury the story because the offenders were black/Hispanic, the victim white??
    Will the Media be fair and responsible in continuing to report what happen.
    Very little faith the Media will report it fairly!
    Very lttle faith in the Media!


    Come on Jesse, Al, Louis! Get all up on this. I am sure 1 of the 3 of you can figure out a way to make this a hate crime, or civil rights violation. Here I will help, a white man assembled the gun at the factory. Seriously though, stand up people. These are all thugs that need to be dealt with 1 way or another. This will never stop unless everyone of all races do something. Its not guns, its not whites or blacks. Its thugs, gangs, drugs, however you want to spin it. Somehow we as a people need to solve this problem as it is going to get worse. Sad part is, only way I can see to fix this is “remove” this group of people, the thugs, like they were a virus.