Driver dies after driving into Lake Michigan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The driver of an SUV that drove into Lake Michigan yesterday has died. 51-year-old Randy Brittman died according to the Cook County Medical Examiner.

Brittman's autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.

On Friday Brittman backed up his SUV on Lake Shore Drive at a high rate of speed and went into the water.

The accident happened at about 3 p.m. at Balbo Drive.

Police say the vehicle jumped the curb and drove over a grassy area before ending up in the water.

Witnesses say the victim was under water for more than 20 minutes before being pulled out.

He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

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  • CharleneBlake

    What was the MAKE & MODEL? Reason that information is being withheld?

    CLASSIC *parking lot* sudden unintended acceleration in this case.

    1) driver pulls into or out of a parking space/spot with braking
    2) engine revs loudly…ROARING…
    3) open throttle vehicle TAKES OFF, often jumping curbs, climbing embankments, crossing medians
    4) CRASHES into storefront, building, or homes with bulldozer-like power
    5) wheels continue spinning AFTER impact, squealing and burning rubber until smoke fills space
    6) driver in a state of shock about what just happened
    7) IF death or injury to others, driver’s reputation slammed and charges filed

    THEN…police and automaker rule DRIVER ERROR (or “medical condition” or “elderly” or “impaired”) because we must NOT blame the highly-complex, computer-driven, electronic glitch-prone vehicle!!

    BEWARE of auto industry-known initial low-speed or no-speed ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration! This type of #SUA is far more common than you think!

    Charlene McCarthy Blake

    • Zebra Stripes

      Wow, all that and you have no idea whether the driver did it intentionally. Maybe he had relationship problems and Thanksgiving put him over the edge. (A simple web search shows the vehicle is most likely a Ford Explorer, which is not known to have acceleration problems.) BTW, if you ever have a problem with unintended acceleration, put the car in neutral and apply the brakes to come to a stop. Then turn it off.

  • CharleneBlake

    There is a BIG hidden secret in the auto industry…it’s called ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration! I know…you thought that was just about FLOOR MATS and sticky pedals, or “driver error,” right? That’s certainly what TOYOTA would like you to continue to believe, BUT DON’T!

    These ultra-complex new engines are completely computer driven. Software is needed to control the throttle system. You THINK you are giving gas when you press the accelerator, but you are only SUGGESTING this to the computer. In electronic SUA cases, the throttle software may be glitch-prone and NOT do as you wish.

    What happens then? Well, the glitch may (and has for countless SUA victims) result in an OPEN THROTTLE situation. The brakes become INEFFECTIVE in these situations and crashes into storefronts, buildings, and homes have resulted.

    What does the automaker say? They hook the vehicles up to the computer and declare NOTHING WRONG! They cite the EDR which has erroneous data and say YOU were NOT braking. They point the finger at you based on AGE, GENDER, MEDICAL history, prescription meds, etc. YOU name it, they’ve TRIED it!

    Get the picture? And you THOUGHT the GM issue was big? Think again! This cover-up of ELECTRONIC SUA is scandalous and very well-orchestrated.

    Why even a WHISTLEBLOWER has been legally harassed by Toyota as it does NOT want her Toyota internal docs posted online anymore. The automaker wants to intimidate and SILENCE her. It doesn’t want the PUBLIC involved, for goodness sake!

    Charlene Blake

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