Uber’s prices surge during holidays; Customers react

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The ride share company Uber says it surges prices at high-demand times, such as holidays, or in bad weather.

The company's practice has helped earn Uber an 'F' from the Better Business Bureau, which cites that consumers don't understand Uber's pricing.

In a surging area, riders see an alert on the application that warns them of the surge. It asks the customer to confirm and accept the higher fare.

Currently, there's no cap on how high the surge can go.  A Chicago ordinance says the city reserves the right to cap it in the future, but that hast happened yet.

For those who want to avoid paying extra, they can hail a cab. If no cabs are available, Uber can alert customers when a surge is over. Uber drivers also say people can walk to an area that isn't as crowded.

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  • Anonymous

    So customers react because of this by not taking Ubers? So when all the drivers quit they won’t have a cheaper alternative to taxi cabs… Smart! And uber surge pricing is still cheaper than a cab. When uber is at 3.2, you’ll pay the same amount with uber and a cab. That’s the break even point (3.2 surge pricing).

  • DeJordy

    The Better Business Bureau itself was exposed a scamming organization that basically sold seals of approvals to businesses that paid. It has reformed somewhat, but Uber is open and transparent about what it does, and the BBB was not. Consumers know what they are paying before they get in an Uber car. If you don’t want to pay, compete with everyone else who wants a price-regulated cab at the same time!

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