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‘Humiliated’ teen’s fauxhawk shaved off by assistant principal in front of classmates

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A New York mom is furious her son went to school with a faux hawk and came home with his head shaved.

Apparently, the haircut violated school dress code policy.

"My son was bullied into being humiliated in front of his classmates," said Denise Hull.

An announcement went out over the intercom at Notre Dame High School in Batavia, N.Y.

Lucas Hull says the assistant principal called him down to the cafeteria to talk about his new hairstyle. That was Sept. 23.

"He had so much confidence in him and he was ready to face the world," said Lucas' sister Lauren Hull.

Then the assistant principal told Lucas he either had to go home or get a haircut right then and there.

"I thought it looked good and I felt good about it, and then he started cutting and it felt really bad," Lucas said.

"When he got that hair cut his face was, it was, it was hard to see and not break down in class," Lauren said.

"Just having people watch and have that done to kind of felt humiliating," Lucas said.

The 17-year-old says most of his senior class sat in the cafeteria and watched the assistant principal shave his head.

"It was a really bad haircut. I mean, there were patches where you know I could barely feel any hair," Lucas said.

Denise Hull says the assistant principal went out of his way to embarrass her son. She says no one had the right to put their hands on her son, and at the very least she should have gotten a phone call.

"What really upset me even more than the hair cut is how much his feeling were hurt for what had happened, I mean, here is a good kid," Denise said.

A month later, Lucas' hair has grown and started to even out, but the family still isn't happy. They say their son returned home from school that day a very different kid.

"I think there are scars that go a lot deeper than the haircut; you know of that what happened that particular day," Denise said.


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  • DMB

    The assistant principal should be subject to Suspension and/or Termination!! Had that happened my child, I would ensure the assistant principal faces serious consequences.

  • tmdawson

    You know the rules/dress code for a Catholic High School as well as your son does. You sent him to school knowing it was a violation and he willingly went also knowing. He’s a senior in high school and should understand by now that there are consequences to his actions. He’s almost an adult and hopefully on his way to college next year and his mommy won’t be able to point fingers at people and call them bullies just because they made him follow the rules. How are our children going to learn how to hold down a job if they think the rules don’t apply them?

    • Christopher

      I agree, there is a dress code and it should be adhered to regardless of what grade you’re in. But he should have been sent home, parent called, or a letter to the parent. But to embarrass/humiliate him in front of his classmates at the beginning of the school year, as stated in article it happened in late September. He is scarred from the incident, the haircut he got was terrible. The Assistant Principal or any staff at the school had no right to lay a hand on this student. They must face consequences for their actions. I know that if a teacher or any staff at school had laid a hand on me, one of my three brothers, Mom or Dad would have had a serious discussion with that staff member. The Mother in this case has every right to be upset.

    • David C

      I absolutely agree!! Thats the problem with society today, we’re raising a bunch of sissy’s!!! Especially in a case like this, you wanna look cool n break the rules, then cry like a baby when you get called out on it!! YOUR A YEAR FROM BEING ABLE TO GO DIE FOR YOUR COUNTRY, TO BE CONSIDERED LEGALLY AN ADULT, GROW A SET OF BALLS IF YOUR GONNA BREAK THE RULES!!! This is all the parents fault who want baby their kids, give trophy’s to everybody, sugar coat the reality that is a tough and hard world!!!!

    • judas

      fuck you you fucking stupid bitch, fuck that school, fuck their rules, fuck that kids haircut, fuck fauxhawks, you and specifically you are what is wrong with america and why the niggers are protesting in Ferguson

  • Pat Frederickson

    No doubting there is a dress code that includes certain hairstyles are banned, but what this educator did is assault and he should be charged as such, fired, and stripped of his teaching credentials. Instead of humiliating the young man, the educator should have simply sent him home and allowed him to return to school when his hairstyle changes to meet the strict dress code. Don’t like the rules? Don’t go to that school, or work towards changing the rules. But don’t allow educators to be bullies and criminals either.


    Maybe the haircut was inappropriate, but not as inappropriate as the assistant principal’s behavior. How dare he humiliate a child in front of his peers. Parents need to go to archdiocese and a lawyer. I hope this young man realizes he was not diminished because of this poor excuse for an educator’s behavior!

  • Jenessa

    This teenager seems like a very sweet and bright individual. The ASSistant principal has no right at all to do that to him. I hope he gets through this with the help of his family and leaves it in the past. He will do great things one day :)

  • Mary Stuart

    I personally think it’s terrible that they did that to him, I remember when my son was in high school he wore a pair of jeans with some design on his back pocket and they told him that he couldn’t wear those pants so instead of calling me to bring him another pair of jeans tha he had worn thruout the school year,they made him wear his pants inside out the whole day when he got home he was totally humiliated and I was very very upset

  • Shannon

    okay, my kids go to Catholic school and they have very strict rules, with that being said he should have known better to wear that school. I understand kids will be kids, but wait till at least break from school for something drastic. I wish someone would lay a finger on any of my kids, they already know better. The asst. principal had NO right to do what he did. The school needs to have someone shave his head for the entire school to see & then fire his ass !

  • Bill Polk


  • Fire

    File a suit against the VP and the Principle …This is like the Ferguson killing ! The victim suffers and the officials get away with only an apology !

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