Lane Tech basketball coach holds anti-violence rally in honor of wounded cousin

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Lane Tech High School basketball coach Nick LoGalbo is fighting an off-the-court battle that is more personal than any game.

LoGalbo, along with Bulls star Joakim Noah’s foundation, held a rally Sunday to get the word out to stop gun violence.

LoGalbo’s cousin, Darrin Hollingshead, was shot in the head back in October.

“My cousin’s an innocent kid; he’s not in a gang, has no affiliation with a gang and got caught in the crossfire,” LoGalbo said.

Hollingshead, who has his sights set on becoming a U.S. Marine, is currently being treated at Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

On Sunday the basketball team and students held a rally, in which Hollingshead’s mother and father also participated.

“I’m overjoyed right now. Darren would be overjoyed right now.  He really would,” said the mother, Mirabel Hollingshead.

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  • Fedup

    Isn’t it a pathetic comment on our society that you would even have to consider having a rally against violence? Can anything be as obvious as the fact that violence is wrong? Have a rally for things that open to question.

    • Darrin

      Keep your rude stupid comments to yourself! Atleast we did something. Punk ass gangbangers. Keep your ignorant comments to yourself. Don’t criticize people for doing something that does matter!!!!!

    • Janet

      As the title states, the rally was in honor of the coach’s wounded cousin. Did they honor him? Yes.
      In accomplishing what it was set out to do I’d say the rally was far from pointless. Your comment lacks tact and diminishing the value of a rally which appears to have, at the very least, positively impacted all those in attendance.

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