Jesus Garcia ready to challenge Emanuel in mayoral race

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The race for mayor is starting to shape up for the Feb. 24 election, and many of the candidates aim to keep Rahm Emanuel from capturing the majority of the vote, to force him into a runoff.

Jesus Garcia says his campaign collected more than 60,000 signatures in about three weeks to get on the ballot for Chicago mayor. Mayor Emanuel's team filed more than 40,000. Potential candidates need only 12,500 names on the petition.

On Sunday afternoon, a spirited crowd cheered and chanted for Garcia at Alhambra Palace in the West Loop. The Cook County commissioner has a long history in Chicago politics. He picked up the endorsement of the Chicago Teachers Union and its president, Karen Lewis, who decided not to run after falling ill.

He's also getting support from some of the people who rallied to get former Mayor Harold Washington elected. Garcia plans to file his petitions in the last hour of filing, Monday afternoon, to get in the lottery for the last position on the February ballot.


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  • Al

    YAWN…Lower property taxes (for seniors) lower taxes, (on stupid things) Fix potholes, corruption, then you have a chance. I lived in Chicago, its not that hard. And by all means, stay away from Luis Gutierrez That Alderman, is a waste of bad breath!

    • Agreed

      Agreed Al on all counts. Sadly though for the citizens of Chicago there is not a big enough player to get Rahm out of office at this time.
      To your comment of Luis, I agree on all points with this guy Luis who was an alderman when I was living by his ward over 30 years ago and he has done absolutely nothing besides puting a civic center up so many years ago of which he still reminds everybody still to this day.
      Luis Gutierrez is the prime example of whats wheong with politics in Chicago and Illinois. A carrer politician who should have been out of office many many years ago.
      If I had to wager if he had to get around his congressional/aldermanic
      district right now he would need gps to do so.

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