U of C student’s Facebook page hacked, feds investigate

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The University of Chicago, federal authorities and internet providers are joining forces to find whoever is responsible for hacking a student activist's Facebook page and posting threatening and racially insensitive messages.

It started when some students criticized fellow students for dressing in Halloween costumes that perpetuated offensive stereotypes of Latinos.

Vincente Perez, a 20-year-old University of Chicago student, told the RedEye he saw a student of Asian descent wearing a "cholo costume," describing a derogatory term for Mexican-American men.

Perez told him his costume was racist, and the next day, Perez and others began working to change the way diversity is understood on campus. They delivered a statement  to university administrators about how that might be achieved, and when they didn't get the response the wanted, they began circulating an online petition.

Perez told RedEye that the Facebook account of one of his friends was hacked, and a threat that was posted mentioned Perez by name. The post, obtained by RedEye, states in part, “Vincente you are next. None of your profiles are safe. This is the beginning of our rape season ... .”

The Facebook hack is believed to be a backlash, perhaps by one of the offending students.

The school says if it is a student, he or she will be disciplined and possibly expelled.

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