Local undocumented immigrants relieved with Obama’s impending immigration action

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Some undocumented immigrants in the Chicago area are relieved President Obama will issue an executive order that stops the deportation of the parents of U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

One woman who's happy is Maria Picazo, of the Marquette Park neighborhood. She came to the U.S. from Mexico in 1991.

Her husband and her four kids are all legal, U.S. citizens. Her son is looking to join the Marine Corps, and a daughter is in community college.

“It’s been difficult because I’ve tried to stay in my home but I’m facing necessities. I’ve had fear that I’d leave and not return. If my kids saw that I was late coming home, they’d have fears that something had happened and immigration took me away," said Maria Picazo.

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  • The Black Rush Limbaugh

    “Local undocumented immigrants relieved with Obama’s impending immigration action”
    What else would they be? They broke the law, and new they are being upheld in law breaking by the President of The United States. What else can you expect from a community organizer?

    • Diane

      Years ago the media would show various immigrants who came to this country legally after being sponsored by family members. The sponsor family were financially responsible for the immigrant and shepherd them into the flock, educating them on laws , employment, and language skills.
      I would expect the President to tell them to study English, study our laws and take the Constitution Test to become citizens just like our grandparents did for decades.

      • OTLONG

        Diane Im with you? Anybody who wants to come and permanently live in this country should learn the language enough to communicate, should learn and follow the laws of the land , and be a productive citizen. I applaud those millions of immigrants that have done all these but I detest those that have come and think that we owe them to understand their language, their culture and their religion, and we should go out of our way to accommodate these differences . I myself came as foreigner and sponsored legally to this country , but I always ask myself what can I do better and be a productive citizen of the US not what accomodations I can get from this country. I do not expect anybody to go out of their way to accommodate my culture,my religion nor my language. I hold myself accountable to learn the culture, language and religion of this country and assimilate within the society.

    • OTLONG

      I’m with you Smitty. I feel like it’s a slap on the face for those who have applied and are still waiting in their respective countries for approval to become LEGAL US immigrants. . I came the hard way. I have the educatio n and the skill that America need , legitimately sponsored by a US hospital and yet twice denied a visa by the US consul in the US embassy in our country and required to be proficient in the English language even if everybody knows in the US Embassy that we are an English speaking country. At that time I did not begrudge all the requirements because In my mind, if that’s the law then it must be followed. But here comes a president who will allow lawbreakers to become legal immigrants and give preference over those who are waiting in their respective countries while their papers are legally processed. He is not thinking about the US well being. He is only thinking about his own political agenda. His new law will just encourage more illegal crossings on the border knowing that once they reach US territory they will not be deported but instead will be accorded the chance to become legal immigrants much faster than those who did not break the law and are waitng patiently in their ho e country. The family featured here could have a chance to have the mom apply legally if they wanted to because if indeed the dad and all the kids r citizen surely the dad could have legally sponsored her and petitioned for her. And if any of the kids is 21 yrs or over he or she can also sponsor her. But just as most people coming illegally in the US, even if they could have come the legal way, all of them or most of them wants the fast way. This president does not have any accountability at all and all the other politicians who blindly follow his policies because of fear that they will either lose their job or the people’s votes r just as incompetent as him. Classic example is Nancy Pelosi. I dont even think she is lucid when she is talking in public.

  • NWO

    It takes months if not years for Europeans, Africans, Chinese, Australian, etc…etc..etc..etc..etc.. to enter the proper and legal way…..this is total B.S. and it’s only getting worse.

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