Rauner calls state’s financial condition ‘dire’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner is decrying the state of the state's finances.  He says straightening out the books in Illinois is job one.

"The financial condition of the state of Illinois is stunningly bad.  It's horrible," Rauner told reporters in Springfield today.  "Our financial condition is dire.  We need to take strong action to fix it."

Rauner told reporters the same thing he has been telling members of the General Assembly -- that he and his team want to understand every penny of the state's financial situation, and that they are going over the books right now in forensic detail to do just that.

He says he will be ready to present a new state budget in February.

Rauner is asking the Quinn administration to implement a freeze on hiring, appointments and job re-classifications during the transition.

He is asking lawmakers to take no action on major legislation, such as raising the minimum wage, until he and the new General Assembly are sworn in, in the new year.

Rauner will be making the rounds at the Capitol today and tomorrow.  He has vowed to develop strong relationships with lawmakers from both parties.

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      • Diane

        Well we shouldn’t do what Mayor Daley implemented. He hired folks to knock on doors, walk around soccer fields and attend Cinco de Mayo celebrations registering voters. He didn’t even try to hide that fact that this was being done. He just lied about what would happen. Mayor Daley claimed all these newly registered voters would only be allowed to vote for offices within Cook County….ONLY COOK COUNTY! School Board, Park Board and such. Never would ” non citizens” be allowed to vote for Federal Offices because that would be illegal.

        Can anyone tell me how they are screening undocumented aliens when they go to the polls. They aren’t.
        Legally they can’t ask if you are entitled to vote in federal election or if you’re a citizen of the United States. Talk about the great lies that have been perpetrated about this country. FWIW all the other sanctuary cities have followed suit.

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