Mayor Emanuel wants Rauner to raise minimum wage, extend income tax

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, along with Illinois Governor Quinn, are pushing to raise the minimum wage.

Quinn wants to raise it to $10 an hour before he leaves office in January, but he might not have the votes.

Governor-elect Bruce Rauner says he supports raising the minimum wage as long as it comes with changes that help businesses pay them.

Emanuel wants to know what those are.

"I don't know what those are, I don't know what that is," Emanuel said on the issue of pro-business reforms. "I'm for something specific. I'm for the minimum wage... but when you say pro-business, what is that? I don't even know what that is."

During his campaign, Rauner said pro-business measures could include changes to workers' compensation rules and limits on civil lawsuits filed against businesses.

Emanuel also wants Rauner to keep the income tax rate where it is.

It's scheduled to fallback, from 5% to 3.75%, on January 1, unless lawmakers renew it.

The state would lose about $4 billion in annual revenue.

Emanuel says he favors extending the tax rate if it goes toward education.

"I'm gonna be clear to Governor-elect Rauner on the importance of investing in the city of Chicago, primarily in our education," Emanuel said. "We need the help of the state financially for our schools so we don't undermine all the hard work our parents, our teachers and our principals are doing in achieving education growth for our students."

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  • Bob

    Mayor telling a Governor what to do. Rahm get your house in order first. Money for education? What schools will be left to give to? Your puppets on the Board of Education have done all your dirty work closing schools. People on the South and West side how many times are you going to fall for this. Lucky for you Ms. Karen Lewis isn’t running for your job. She’d have my vote.

  • lesann1

    Rauner promised to roll back the 67% tax hike….and as a voter I hold him to that promise. This is why I DID NOT VOTE for Quinn because he stuck us with this corrupt tax hike when he promised that he wouldnt. Inter city schools get enough money…money wont fix their problems…I

  • Dick Beninya

    Why don’t Rahm structure a replacement for the income tax portion of the school financing? A new one where the City of Chicago residents pay for those schools that are of their making and for their children! Why should I be concerned about educating their youth? They sure aren’t!

  • Gail Ellis

    Education? Please. Any additional monies that the educational system goes directly into the pockets of the already over paid teachers. The schools are falling down but the teachers get their raises? I’m sick of it. Look what happened in Waukegan. The teachers are bleeding the educational system dry. No more income tax. Roll it back to where it was. No more free rides. Let those who make the kids pay for the kids education. They should have to pay yearly tuition.

  • Dick Beninya

    Now if Rahm so pro minimum wage why don’t he convert a bunch them union wages and bennies to minimum wage? You could balance your budget and probably even lower taxes! Go minimum wage!!!

  • tea party rules

    Maybe I’m wrong but wasn’t the lottery supposed to go to education??? How many tax dollars does that make?? Raise the minimum wage I’d like to see 15dollars. I’m all for people making as much as possible

    • Chris

      That is usually how it goes. I moved here from Florida where the Lottery paid for 75% of my college tuition – and they still have a budget surplus with no state income tax.

  • Adrian

    I’m already set to move out out of Chicago in January. I have had enough of the garbage politics and theft of my hard earned wages throughout the years. Good luck Chicago in becoming the next Detroit. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha…. Ha ha… Ha… ^_^