‘Stroller Gang’ wanted for brazen thefts in Wicker Park

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Thieves dubbed the Wicker Park Stroller Gang have put residents and police on alert after a series of brazen crimes on the North Side.

Surveillance video caught the group stealing from a tip jar from Craft Pizza on Damen.

The young looking group came into the restaurant; a young mom with a baby in a stroller, three young boys and two girls. The mother ordered a slice of pizza and when the cashier’s back was turned, she reached into the tip jar and grabbed a $10 bill. She then hid the bill in a takeout menu and hid that in the stroller.

"At the end of the day, it's kids,” said owner Scott Toth. But that to be that young and to be committing crimes that brazen? It's senseless."

Another camera caught the group leaving Craft Pizza and then spotting a bike and backpack behind a 10-foot-tall iron gate. One of the young boys is sent up and over the fence. They give up on the backpack but end up stealing the $700 custom-made bike.

On Thursday morning, police said the bike was returned to police after the person who unknowingly purchased it saw media reports about the theft. The bike has since been returned to its owner.



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  • Marty Miller

    This is Shi…cago, what else would one expect from a permitted “entitlement community”, runs in the same vain as the “sanctuary” thing, a free-for all, anything goes, don’t want to offend the special folks with rules and boundaries. No respect, no responsibility, if you want it, just take it, you deserve it. But be warned, don’t be pulling that in my neighborhood or you’ll be missing some of those “entitlement” fingers.

  • Bob

    How are we to question what is wrong with our youth, No parenting at home. No education. No skills to get ready for the work world. it’s not about race, This is going on in all races.