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Pregnant panhandler caught driving off in Mercedes Benz

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A woman in San Diego says she saw a pregnant woman begging for money later drive off in a Mercedes Benz.

She stands outside local shopping centers every weekend with her son, sometimes with her husband, too, begging for money and apparently getting a lot of it, enough to afford a Mercedes.

"She sits there with the sign. He goes and parks the Mercedes. And they put up the sign and not less than five minutes, here she is getting money from all these people," said Michelle Smith, who took photos of the woman and her son in action.

Smith says the panhandler came after her with a big rock when she saw the camera.

"Next thing I know, she picks up this big boulder, about this big, goes over her head. I don't know if pregnant people can do that, but it was pretty big over her head and coming at me with this rock," Smith said.

Another witness saw the whole thing and called 911.

Police ran the license plate on the Mercedes, and traced it to an apartment in the suburbs of San Diego, but by the time a reporter showed up there, the panhandler and her family had already moved out.



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  • Primm

    They call this a victim-less crime. No way it is. Just as the woman in the video says No give them money. Well not all of the people out there, are like these people. Some truly are in need and help. And lets not start with the gov. the republicans are trying to do alway with any help unless you are rich. People like this woman needs jail time

  • Kati

    You never know what may have happened to bring them into this situation. They moved out of their apartment- maybe they lost it. Maybe they bought the Mercedes when they had more money. The threat of violence is wrong, but the sanctimonious judgement of someone without any backstory is ridiculous.

  • The Moral of the Story?

    No, you are correct Kati…you never know the whole story. However what we do know is that a pregnant looking women (is she really pregnant) and a young boy (is he really her son) are in the street begging for money and getting in a car that’s worth 5 figures, The address on the plate is an empty apartment.

    Gypsy schemes like this are common. Hopefully she will see this national headline and tell her story…but odds are good we’ll never see her again… at least not pregnant.

  • Jay

    If what Kati says is in fact true, and something did wind up happening, sell the mercedes. Take that money and find a cheap place to live, take some of that and buy a car that doesn’t cost a ton of money and pay your bills. Take what’s left and buy essentials for your family.

    If your out begging for money, you can be out looking for a job. There’s no excuse for this.

    Children whining because they was $15 an hour for flipping burgers at McDonald’s or sitting in a drive thru window not really doing much.

    You all have choices. You all make those choices.

    I have no sympathy for these people. There’s always a way out. It’s called work for it.

  • Bill

    Ok so they already owned the Benz, say the both lost their jobs recently and the bills are more then they can afford. Have seen several stories like this, in fact I think WGN covered one where the mother said yes we could sell the car to get some money but then we wouldn’t have a car.

  • stupidisasstupiddoes

    Dick Banana…I like your style. To the point; you cut right through the crap with that solid Conservative Republican view point, You know, Dick Benihana, IF she’s a scammer then put her in your “see those people” getting away with it file. If she’s legit then put her in your “see those people” not willing to work file. Either way you always have a “those people” file and all the answers. Also, don’t EVER use the word Peeps again. At least you didn’t say Popo this time.

    So,TrickyDicky, if she’s legit, $10 an hour after taxes is around $320 a week. After childcare it leaves less then a hundred bucks. That’s without the baby. She needs the help however she can get it within the law.

    if she’s a scammer then she falls into the same category as most of you Conservative Republicans. Take what you can and complain when someone has more/easier then you.

    Dickie Roberts, your nuckin futts.

    • Dick Beninya

      Your answer is to let the government take care of her when it looks like she’s already solved the problem on her own. A very typical liberal dem attitude. You should reread these posts Mr Does, I have no problem with what she’s doing. The liberal dems do because they think she should work for minimum wage and/or become dependent on government programs. After she has solved her own problem!

  • X

    I agree with the whole don’t judge a book by its cover, but a Mercedes? Really? You can trade in that car for a used one and get some money back. If she is homeless, her and her kids can go to shelters/public housing. And to add to that fact, if she is homeless WITH a child, wouldn’t you do anything to support your child? Like in, doing research to get help, not using your child to make people feel bad for you in a corner? I’m sorry but I don’t give in to this crap. I understand some people are really homeless and desparate for help, but if they aren’t willing to try and survive with help or at least give up things to survive, then well.. thats too damn bad. I saw a lady with a sign saying she was homeless.. while wearing all these gold necklaces, rings and bracelets. And don’t say “what if they were fake”, pretty damn sure they were real as well with that chair and umbrella she had with her. If you feel that bad, give them food/water, tell them where to go to a local shelter, blanket/sleeping bag, anything BUT money.

  • Davis

    LOL stupid liberals thinking that this women could be legit. The #1 telltale sign of a scam is the violent response by this women upon being video tape. Hey, if this women is legit, then please explain to us the reason why she picked up that boulder in a threatening manner or the reason why she seem to be in a hurry to get away.

  • monique

    I live near the Eastlake location it is not in San Diego its Chula Vista I noticed her about 6 weeks ago standing outside of target.- As most people you see someone pregnant in distress you want to help. By the time we got outside she was gone…Lesson learned

  • karin

    I think they are gypsy’s with turkish and maybe romanian background because the man said something to the woman what turkish men also say when the mean “come on”. Beside that in turkey the so called “cingine” (or we say gypsy)
    act the same way: begging and drive in big cars, have lots of 22 karats golden necklaces etc.

  • Butt-in- ski's karma

    Really, if this Smith “person” didn’t give any money, Why is she going around recording peoples actions? she is a nosey wench and maybe the next time she pokes her nose into another’s business, she may get more than a rock thrown @ her!
    This Buttinski Smith should get a hobby- (Maybe go help the homeless?)

    • Dick Beninya

      Maybe she should grab a cup and see how long it takes to put together a Mercedes, than it would take to earn one with the minimum. Wage jobs the liberal dems want her to take. Or government programs…

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