Computers working again at Illinois DMV facilities

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Long lines made for angry customers Wednesday at motor vehicle facilities across the state thanks to a computer outage.

The computers are working again  but a statewide outage stopped processing Wednesday morning at DMVs statewide.

At the Elston facility in Chicago, the line was long early on as people attempted to wait out the outage. But as it continued, many customers gave up and left.

The Elston location is planning to open at 30 minutes early Thursday at 8 a.m. Customers who were turned away today were given passes to jump the line when they come back.

It's expected to be a busy day because of the outage, and because Tuesday was Veterans Day.

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  • Attaboy Jesse

    Attaboy Jesse.
    I have been going to the DMV for over 30 years. While I must say when Jesse White 1st took office some many years ago. He cleaned the place up, refresshed/renovated those buildings occupied by the DMV and held his employees at least to some standard not like prior where if you had a job at the DMV you where set for life no matter what an idiot or vile person you where.
    However in the last several years I cant say the same.
    Take theLibertyville location to mind, the last couple years or so the secretary of state was many months past due for rent for this location and where going to be taken to court for eviction by the locations landlordds/owners.
    & If you dare use the water fountain in there be warned. There is the same black colored mold still on the spicket part of the water fountain where you drink from that has has been growing there for the last 5 years or more. Yuck.
    Elston ave DMV still a complete mad house on any given day.
    It must be nice to get paid to run a business just on your name.
    I truly hope the new govenor gets our state back up to at least minimal standards when he takes office.
    Oh by the way, I must add goodbye Pat, not really so sorry to see you go.

    • Sheila

      The Lombard DMV has been at the same location as long as I remember. Because of my age I’m required to take the road test every year. They are all very nice. Especially Examiner Henry who took me on my recent road test.