CTA crackdown on illegal Ventra card use

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The CTA is losing millions of dollars because of the fraudulent use of Ventra cards.

The agency is cracking down on people who are taking advantage of free or reduced-fare rides.

Federal and state laws allow seniors and people with disabilities to receive Ventra cards at a discount or free.

But a recent audit by the CTA found many of those cards are not being used by the authorized card holder.

1,800 cards have been confiscated over the past several weeks.

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  • art

    Who cares who uses it it’s still bringing in money, what’s the difference if old grandma can’t go wait out in the cold at the bus stop. People are just jealous because they couldn’t get a 5$ card for free. Go investigate all the violent crimes at the train lines or other violent things happening in chicago. Quit wasting peoples time n money

    • Chris

      What part of the word “free” means bringing in money? Even “reduced” equals losing more money than face value – so your argument is completely invalid. The rest of us should shouldn’t be burdened by higher fares because some lazy, ignorant people believe they deserve free rides. End the corruption in Chicago and start making more people responsible for their actions!

    • Tyrone Taylor

      Ol chief If there is no one complaining when society take money out of ours & not allowing artists like yeezy to make businesses in the hood to create opportunities in the hood for the brothers . And where is the busstops inside the neighborhood i think something about that situation . If it were my business i would create more bus stop locations for the youth and elderly folks in the neighborhood projects and the communities. whether it is politically or non politically racist.