Scared mother asks ‘Is there a ghost inside my child?’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Virginia Beach family is concerned about what's happening to their 4-year-old son. Following psychological testing, they are convinced there is a ghost inside their child.

According to WTKR, U.S. Marine Sgt. Val Lewis died in a bombing explosion October 23, 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon, yet 4-year-old Andrew remembers it as his own death.

“He just starts crying hysterically and I say “What’s wrong Andrew?” and he says, “Why did you let me die in that fire?"Andrew’s mother Michele Lucas told WTKR.

The show ‘Ghost Inside My Child’  helped the Lucas family connect the information provided by Andrew to a group of Marines who died decades before Andrew was born.

The family decided to go to Georgia visit the gravesite where Sgt. Lewis is buried. They thought it would give Andrew some closure and close the door on past memories.

“He went right up to the gravesite, he was okay. Put the flowers down and then he took off and ran to another grave and it was a marine and he said, ‘That’s my friend,’” Lucas told WTKR.

Instead of closure, however, the trip to the gravesite produced more questions and even stranger occurrences when they returned home.

“About two weeks ago, there was an emblem on my wall and it was like somebody went up to it and turned it, and it went right back,” Lucas told WTKR. “So it’s kinda creeping me out. I don’t know if I’ve picked up spirits while I was in the graveyard. I don’t know.”

Now the family wonders what they should do next to make it all go away.

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    • BusterRhymes

      How many demon possessed girl movies does she watch? People think it’s all fun and games… I was watching that crap and in my sleep I felt someone standing over my bed

    • Carol

      You are stupid. Why would you say something like that. You should have just kept your comments to yourself. My daughter had seen spirits as well as my whole family. You need to apologize to these people

    • Carol

      You are stupid. Why would you say something like that. You should have just kept your comments to yourself. My daughter had seen spirits as well as my whole family. You need to apologize to these people. This post is at pepsiman.

    • BusterRhymes

      You know zebra every time I read any of your comments I want to shoot someone…mostly you. You are a stone moron…get over it the Republicans rule😃😃😃😃😃

  • Reni

    My faith says the little boy is just remembering a past life. An advice at bed time let him listen to the Hu song 5 min. You can find a quick one on YouTube. He is haunted. Love him and trust God will soothes his discomfort and fear. May the blessings be

  • zerocool7785

    I hate to say but-exorcism something evil has entered your lives. Or this Marine has come back through your son for closure or help. Maybe have him talk to some of those Marine’s frineds who are still alive. THre is some reason that Marine is reaching out from beyond the grave for help.

  • Dee

    Children have a closer connection to the other side and past life times than adults do. As we get older, our memory of the other side fades. Andrew may have an exceptionally clear view and connection to his past life. Nothing to be scared about, he can get help from someone that has understanding of this issue to help him and his family understand what is going on and take the fear away. He will eventually loose the memory of his previous life as he grows up.

  • Emilio

    Too much TV ghost stories, supernatural b.s.,haunted houses episodes watching and this is the effect you obtain in a young gullible mind and if the next step is to ask the services of an exorcist or some other charlatan of the same kind, then they must be prepared to deal with a long term psychiatric patient.

  • ladyk

    Some very negitive comments on here but as a paranormal investigator , I personally think that this person that is attached to your child just needs answers he is not out to harm anyone , find a medium and get them to help you

  • PaTrick Voellmar

    i would like to help this family. I am a medium and I am sure if they do a funeral for the falling soldier the spirit will leave.

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