9 dogs turned in to shelter, victims of ‘backyard breeders’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Nine Maltese dogs, between the ages of 4 and 8, are now in the care of PAWS Chicago, a no-kill shelter.   They are victims of what’s believed to be a “backyard breeder” in the city.

The 5 girls and 4 boys were surrendered to Chicago Animal Care and Control on Monday night before being taken in by PAWS Chicago.

All nine dogs were in bad shape, filthy with feces and matted hair.  Most have skin conditions.  Some dogs also suffer from serious medical conditions, including untreated cataracts, dislocated knees, heart murmurs and bad teeth.

“It`s so sad,” said PAWS Chicago founder Paula Fasseas, as she held one of the dogs. “ It`s tragic that people can treat animals this way. Look how sweet they are.”

The former owner spoke very little English, according to PAWS Chicago volunteers.  She dropped the dogs off and then left.

“We`ve seen worse,  at least they brought them in,” said Fasseas.  “They could have just left them in their basement to die.  Or they could just put them in the garbage can.  We constantly get calls from police, sanitation people that will bring us dogs found in garbage cans.  She did the right thing by bringing them to animal care and control.”

Now the work begins to get the dogs back to health and into a happy home.  Fasseas believes they should be rehabilitated in time for adoption around the holidays.  PAWS believes it could cost upwards of $30,000 to treat all nine dogs.

“They could live another 6 or 7 years at least-- maybe 8 years.  These dogs live a long time and with love I think  they live longer than ever.  I mean with a good home?  Look at this one, how sweet they are.  They know they`re loved. They`ll hang in there and they will live a long, long life.”

You can track the progress of the Maltese Nine on PAWS Chicago Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pawschicago)  as well as a special page set up for the group (http://paws.convio.net/maltese)

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  • Seamus

    WGN wants a news story, ask PAWs (the no kill shelter) why they don’t go in and adopt the dogs that have a harder time finding homes? Just like this news story, they got these dogs because they know they can adopt these pure breed dogs for several hundred dollars! PAWs goes in every morning before the public and takes for free the first pick of dogs from the city kill shelter, they take all the puppies and pure breeds they know they can adopt for several hundred dollars and leave the other dogs to be killed they don’t think they can make money off of! So the cities adoption fee is $60, all the dogs PAWs takes would get adopted anyways because they are the best dogs there and for only $60, not the several hundred they charge at PAWs. If PAWs was truly wanting to do the right thing, they would go in and take the dogs that were older, mutts and maybe even ones with medical conditions that would have a harder time finding a home, instead of taking the dogs that would get adopted anyhow! Paula Fasseas isn’t a hero, she is opportunist.

  • Aimee

    At least she is saving some of the dogs!!!
    What are you doing to help these dogs?
    If nothing, keep your mouth shut or get up and do something more productive than posting negative thoughts about someone you don’t even know.
    Happy Thanksgiving…

  • Karen From Lakeview

    Seamus, Paws adoption fee DOESNT COME CLOSE to the cost of vetting, caring for and socializing the dogs it takes in. They take a variety of animals not just small breeds that are “easy to adopt”. Not only that but they do amazing work PREVENTING the birth of unwanted pets through providing low cost spay an neuter at a LOSS. These surgeries are supported by donations from private individuals. You KNOW NOTHING about what you are saying. PAWs has single handedly reduced the number of euthanasized pets by 1/2 since they were founded in 1997. Perpetuating nasty things like you do does nothing but harm the mission. Perhaps if you would get out from behind your computer and volunteer there you would know this.

  • Candace Nagle

    Over 3,300 people have signed the Petition to the AKC to Limit Registration of Dogs Sold at Auction! Here’s why ten folks signed the petition:
    1. ‘AKC should vehemently oppose the selling of dogs at auction as it is inherently inhumane and irresponsible. The fact that AKC does nothing about it is inexcusable and reprehensible. I have owned, bred and finished many champions. I have exhibited at Westminster. But I gave it up because I refuse to support the AKC because of its position regarding puppy mills, auctions and the like.’
    2. ‘I’m signing because ‘USDA Inspected’ and ‘AKC Registered’ have become a joke. As a rescuer, I cannot tell you how many registered dogs have been found living in conditions that would give you nightmares. It’s time for the AKC to step up and be a reputable organization once more and to stop being just a rubber stamp for puppymillers and backyard breeders.’
    3. ‘Dogs that are sold at auction have a good chance of ending up in the hands of puppy millers who will go on to breed these dogs indiscriminately and still legally selling them with full AKC registration. Over time, this not only hurts the breed and dogs in general, it dilutes the AKC brand, which many see as a sign of quality.’
    4. ‘If you remove the ability to leverage the AKC name, puppy millers will have less incentive to go to auctions, and allow them a chance at a good life. It will also cut off puppy mill access to purebred dogs that actually LOOK like their breed by giving breeders (thinking of auctioning) incentive to put more care into placing their dogs. It is easy to say “oh I didn’t know” if a puppy is sold at auction to a mill, but it is a lot harder to justify knowingly placing a dog in that kind of environment.’
    5. ‘I’m signing because my mother was a responsible owner, and breeder of chows; successfully showing her dogs around the country; which resulted in a champion who established an award winning line of dogs that led to other champions. She despised “backyard” breeders and was involved in the rescue of any dog she could help. She respected what the AKC started to accomplish but disliked how the organization was deteriorating in turning a blind eye to the fate of dogs being bred by unscrupulous people who were not interested in strengthening and improving the breed of dog with which they were involved; only the money generated by selling poorly bred, badly treated puppies to people who would often times continue the cycle of misuse by breeding their dogs starting too young until far beyond their healthy breeding years: too often with minimal or no veterinarian care. Mother would sign this petition if she were here. Since her passing, I have attempted to walk in her steps, rescuing, fostering and doing what I can for the homeless dogs and cats in my neighborhood and by speaking out against animal abuse in any form. Please, this practice of auctioning dogs must stop. Granting pedigrees to poorly bred dogs must stop. Only when the AKC, through its actions, show breeders that healthy examples of an AKC certified breed is best for all involved will the slow decline of the organization’s veracity and relevancy stop as well. Thank you for your time.’
    6. ‘As well as limiting registration, akc should also require the spay and neuter of each animal that would be sold at an auction.’
    7. ‘You should hold your name to a higher standard and require more stringent rules to be followed to weed out puppy mills. To me, akc holds no value anymore. I’ve purchased a “akc” pup to only be disappointed later with all the poor breeding faults that my two (2) pet quality dogs died from. Please clean up your act.’
    8. ‘Puppy Mill Breeders who get ahold of these dogs care not for the dogs’ welfare. These auctions are a horrible way to treat man’s best friend. AKC can do its part by not giving the Millers any incentive, such as AKC papers, to for the purchase of auctioned dogs.’
    9. ‘I just participated in a grass roots effort to save 44 Papillons that were being auctioned off to a life of hell in a puppy mill. Those 44 dogs were saved, but thousands of others are not so lucky–being auctioned off every year to lives of repeated breeding, no vet care, no human contact, etc. AKC can help make this a less lucrative endeavor by limiting registrations of dogs sold at auctions’
    10. ‘It’s the right thing to do…it’s the only thing to do. If the AKC can’t make it without puppy mills…then the AKC should give up.’
    Please consider signing and sharing this petition. Together we can send a loud and clear message to the AKC that it must change its registration policy by limiting registration of dogs sold at auction! https://www.change.org/p/american-kennel-club-limit-registration-of-dogs-sold-at-auction?recruiter=10939371&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition