Your Money Matters: Double Saving Divas travel tips

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Double Saving Divas


Book Your Airfare Early
We suggest booking at least six to eight weeks in advance. Airlines are aware of the holiday demand and at most times their prices will reflect that

Travel on Non-Peak Days
Travel at least three to four days before the holiday with a return flight at least two to three days after. This can bank you at least $80 to $100 in a lower fare.

Avoid Returning on a Sunday
Avoid traveling on the Sunday after a holiday. This is when flights are the most booked and the pricing will be much higher. Returning on a weekday will save you more money on your fare.

Avoid Seat Reservations
Most airlines charge a fee if you reserve your seat early. This can be an up-charge of an additional $10 or more. Save more money by allowing the airlines to determine where you sit.

Sit In the Middle Seat
Did you know that for some airlines a window or aisle seat is considered a premium seat? This can result in an additional $5 to $50 on your fare.

Sleep on Your Neighbors Shoulder.
Just kidding! Be sure not to ask for a pillow or blanket if you don’t mind paying for it. Hard to believe isn’t it? Yes, many airlines now charge for this amenity.

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