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Heated exchange between customer, employee goes viral; Employee ultimately fired

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Saginaw, MI –A viral video showing an exchange between a customer and employee at a local pizza restaurant has created a stir.

TV5 has viewed the incident and it appears to show a customer walking into the Domino’s Pizza restaurant on State Street in Saginaw with a cell phone.

A woman begins recording her mother’s conversation with the employee and that’s when things get interesting.

The customer claims that she called the restaurant to complain about the type of sauce that was put onto the pizza.

The employee acknowledges her complaint, but then unleashes a verbal tirade on the woman and it’s all caught on tape.

It all started when Eric Promenchenkel ordered pizza from the State Street restaurant.

“We did not have white sauce pizza like we wanted. Instead, we had light sauce,” he said.

After the sauce mix up, Promenchenkel said he called the store twice and was a hung up on by a manger. His girlfriend’s mom decided to go into the store herself and confront the employee. The interaction spread on social media.

The store’s general manager in the video was fired on Monday.

“I regret the language I used, but if people could see everything that happened, especially in the phone calls, they would not be sympathetic for this woman,” the manager said in an email to TV5.

Promenchenkel said he feels sorry the manager lost his job, but he said he doesn’t want anymore customers to be treated that way.

“It sucks that it has to be like that, but if he’s going to treat his customers like that, that’s definitely best for the business,” he said.

Domino’s Corporation released this statement about the incident:

“We are aware of the situation and have forwarded this to the local franchise owner. The comments made by this person do not reflect those of Domino’s Pizza. We apologize for how poorly this reflects on our local stores and we assure you corrective action will be taken as the franchise owner determines.”

The store’s owner Rob Asmar said he feels embarrassed.

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  • bro

    the amount of people who order their pizza wrong online, and then bitch us out, is ridiculous. the best is when they use the wrong address, and the wrong phone number and call us angry an hour later. “why you dodnt bring ma pizza?” ” your address is incorrect” “no its not” “yes it is sir, xxx street only goes up to 4300 and you put 7250” “well, why did you call?” “we called and there was no answer” ” no you didnt” ” yes we did” ” i dont have a missed call” “sir, was your number 337 555 3849?” “no” “well thats what you put online, so you tell me how i can find you with no number or address.” some are still angry. dont under estimate the bs you have to put up with from customers on a daily basis.

    • TAS

      You, sir, have absolutely NO CLUE how to trwat customers who have a billion other options for dinner, yet STILL choose your establishment. I have worked in customer service for 25 years and the CORRECT way to treat anyone is only with respect. Verify addresses, numbers and orders.. people make mistakes. No one is perfect, and being rude is not the way to handle it.

      • shelbycobra0991

        How exactly is one supposed to verify a phone number or address for an online order when you can’t call the person …because they gave you the WRONG number? My local pizza place only calls if they can’t find your location, but if you’ve provided both the incorrect address AND phone number as the original poster stated, it’s hardly the pizza establishment’s fault. For one, it takes an incredible amount of carelessness to put your credit card information into website as payment for a service and not even take the time to double check that it is being delivered to the correct place with a valid contact number. Second of all, I’m sure thsee busy pizza places with many orders to fill hardly have time to track these people down by going to the incorrect address, knocking on everyone’s door in the area, and asking if they ordered pizza. It’s just stupid.

    • Annie

      I feel sorry for anyone who has to work with the public. Some people are so rude and ignorant. THEY can’t even get their OWN address and phone number right on the order form; BUT it’s the fault of the restaurant for not delivering it on time. I worked as a grocery store cashier when I was a teenager and that was enough for me. I commend ANYONE who has to work with the God awful creatures who make up are society today.

      • Annie

        OOPS … “our” society. Also, the customer isn’t always right and shouldn’t be treated that way. Most just want something for nothing.

      • Carrie

        The worst customers have to be restaurant patrons. OMG, I’m so GLAD that I don’t have to deal with THAT everyday!

  • Evan Redding

    It should be “heated exchange”, not “heated exchanged”. If your reporters and your webtechs are uneducated idiots, you should at least have an editor who knows the difference between a noun and a past participle.

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