Mother buys ‘princess wand;’ Finds disturbing hidden image on it

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A mother in Ohio bought what she thought was a “princess wand” from a dollar store for her daughter. But once she got the toy home, she found it contained a disturbing hidden image.

According to WHIO, a piece of foil came off the wand to reveal an image of a girl “cutting her wrists with a knife.”

The store owner told a local television station, the toy is called an “evil stick” and the woman should have realized what she was buying.

The owner said he would remove the toy from shelves if he received more complaints.

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    • Martina Crews

      BE a PARENT good lord have mercy you people that are upset about this are ridiculous i LOVE IT!!!! and i have two wonderful VERY STRONG minded children.. if they saw that they would laugh.. actually they did laugh . HARD so get over it ITS called an EVIL stick and the music O man clearly a Halloween gag this mother should have had more common sense … so much more i could say and im sure someone on the opposite side will but I think it should stay I DO think that now that he knows FOR sure what it is it should have been in the Halloween section but meeeh I say SAVE the EVIL STICK ahhahaa

  • Dilroon

    Seriously? Someone is actually outraged by a dollar store item? The store owner pointed out that is says the word “evil” on the package. Why would anyone think this was a princess wand? The mother has no right to blame the owner of a dollar store for her stupidity. If she wants better quality toys, she should go shop somewhere where the toys aren’t manufactured by kids the same age as her daughter. How did the local news even learn of this story? Did the lady go complain to them about her misspent $1.00? Maybe you should save your money, buy less toys, but something of better quality next time. Caveat emptor, lady.

    • Dave G

      Good grief – You can see it’s a wand in the package but nobody would suspect it’s got a picture concealed inside of a creepy girl with no eyes cutting her wrists. That’s more than evil – that’s sick. Is it appropriate for ages 6 and up? Even movies tell you what you’re getting before you buy a ticket. It’s not about the $1 clueless Dilroon – it’s about warning other parents, Go back to whatever it is you’re sniffing Dilroon – post again when you’re thinking rationally.

    • Suzi Que

      I agree, Dilroon.
      Ironic how Americans want their freedom, but always want to take a piece of someone else’s away. Topped by “blame the other person,” eluding personal accountability.
      Americans cant understand why their liberties and morals are eroding, yet they cause their own demise.
      Freak out over a dollar store item, which stated, “evil wand.” Make a scene. Start internet hype and watch everyone bash one another and complain about something that could have been easily returned.
      Keeping American priorities in line.

  • Linda

    Absolutely, get that evil stuff away from our kids !!!! They look at it probably amongst the toy section as a wand with other princess stuff. i dont care what it is, it has no place at all in a store where children shop !!!!!

    • Ashesash

      and the winner for the most ignorant comment on the internet today goes to…tylergirl! Ironically you sound like white trash yourself.

  • SC

    The shop owner should take those of the shelf and return them to the manufacturer if he has any kind of common sense what so ever. It may say “evil” on the package but it also is marketed towards 3 and up. Suicide is not a joke.

  • FishMan

    We are Making Toys and Selling them with this?
    OK, When does the 60’s Stop and We go back to being the Responsible Parents that we use to be!

  • Kendra

    Neither one of them is very bright (**gross understatement alert**.) It’s certainly not appropriate for a child no matter what age but WHY would you buy your toddler an “Evil Stick?”
    And don’t get me started on the company who makes this. REALLY??!!??

  • Mac

    Probably from China that’s where dollar store products are from. Crap like that should not be sold on the market. It was said you see that on TV everyday. Not on my channels. I see why this world is so messed up. If people don’t think it’s sick I would check into a shrink.

  • Mary

    I called the store today and spoke to the owner. He told me the “toy” has been removed from his store and will no longer available.

  • AnneB

    There is nothing remotely funny about suicide and it is clearly marketed towards little girls with the pink coloring and promises of “music and bringing fairies”. The image and sounds can be very damaging to little children. If they wanted a demonic picture why isn’t the girl puking like in the exorcist? That might be funny if marketed towards horror movie fans. The image of a teen cutting her wrists is disturbing. It should be pulled and repackaged properly for adults if they want to sell it. The packaging is the key as to why it is wrong. The store owner should be ashamed of himself for putting it in the toy section. Obviously he cares more about making a buck then children’s well-being.

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