Bears embarrassed again, lose 55-14 at Green Bay

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Chicago Bears added to their season’s misery on Sunday night, losing 55-14 to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field.

Going into the locker room the Bears trailed the Packers 42-0, the worst first half in Bears history.  Over the last two games, the Bears were outscored 80-7.

Aaron Rodgers threw 6 first-half touchdowns, tying an  NFL record.

Jay Cutler threw for 272 yards, a touchdown and 2 interceptions.

The Bears are now 3-6 and host the Minnesota Vikings next Sunday.


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    • Fire them all

      Cutler you suck. Trestman you suck. Emery you suck. Trestman you suck. Defense you suck. Cutler you suck. Offense you suck. Cutler you suck so hard.

  • Stephanie

    Why the bloody hell do we keep playing that psycho bi polar cutler ..better yet why didn’t we get rid of him yrs ago ..but FOR GODS SAKE ANYONE IS BETTER THAN HIM .BENCH THE STUPID NO CLUE NO AWARENESS IDIOT. OR SOMEONE PLEASE PUT HIM OUT OF EVERYONES MISERY AND RUN HIM OFF THE ROAD

    • Belzona

      This makes my pick of 7-9 like I had stars in my eyes. I watched two plays a Forte run and a pass of a Bears helmet for a pick six…I fell asleep knowing I won’t have a dream better than that… God I love this Bears team

  • BabaButkus

    you kidding me….this is how they repay Rodgers and the cheeseheads after last years playoff fiasco…..That´s it I am the Nu quarterback…..Attention Everyone-J.C. now substitutes for J.C. lol

  • Gary Wojton

    NOW is the time management looks at reality! Get rid of that no-good Cutler; next week push jared Allen back onto Minnesota’s team, and fire this no good coach! The Defense….wait a minute, there IS NO defense! Season is over… least there are still the Blackhawks!

  • arubatom

    Clueless offense, clueless defense…what more can one say? Other than the entire organization needs a complete overhaul from the front office down to the field. Cutler will never turn the corner to be an elite quarterback, plain and simple…he’s had more than enough years in the league to prove himself.

  • ZebraStripes

    I watched all of ten seconds of the game, when the Packers were leading 7-0 and ready to score again. I didn’t even watch the point after attempt for the second touchdown.

  • meg

    Packer fan here. I really don’t know much about your coach but I still can’t believe Cutler is your QB. The guy is awful…maybe with no opposing defense he could find success. It’s not even his skill level, it is his mentality. The Bears organization keeps defending him…why? Do they not watch the tapes? He is not a leader. He is a “poor me” kind of guy..if it wasn’t crystal clear before, watch the tape from last night. He doesn’t care. Start over, clean house and get a coach with a proven record of rebuilding teams. Learn from the Packers. Draft. Invest in those draft choices and help them grow. Stop trying to build a team season to season. I actually kinda miss the rivalry part of our two teams. Last night, while fun and relaxing for us Packer fans, was not the kind of knock down, drag out fight that our teams and fans look forward to watching.

  • Brian

    Pretty simple what the Bears “Need” to do. Dump Cutler and use the $126 million on building a defense and dump Trestman and Mel Tucker. The offensive play calling is idiotic and the defense, well, that speaks for itself! What the Bears “will” do is make excuses for Cutler (as always), not blame anyone for their atrocious play and idiotic coaching and tell everyone they need to regroup and play better with the talent they have. It’s the Bears “broken record”.

  • FishMan

    I Would Have Fired Everyone this morning. EVERYONE!
    Put an Ad out and take the Best Players that WANT to Play!!!!
    I can Suck Just as Bad and You can Pay Me Half the Money!!!!
    Where is the Fire, The Gut Wrenching Hits. The Passion! No Coaches or Managers Tell Players what to do anymore.
    You want to Win, Go Back to High School Basics.
    Run, Run and Run. Hit,Hit and Hit!
    Work out 5 days a week in stead of 2.
    You Cannot Coach anymore like you use too!

    We Need someone Who really wants to Win and can Coach a team.
    Why Try Hard when You have a Contract! Really!!!!

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