Hear the robo-calls that disrupted Cook County polling places on Election Day

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WGN has obtained some of the questionable robo-calls that disrupted polling places across Chicago on Election Day continues,

2,000 judges failed to show up to polling place Tuesday because they were misled to think they couldn’t work. It led to long lines at polling places.

While not threatening or forceful, the robo-calls seem confusing and are riddled with error and false requests that forced some Cook County election judges to quit that day or just before Election Day.

People receiving the robo-calls had already been fully trained and were ready to be paid $170 for a day's work on November 4th. In each call, there was a connection to the Cook County Republican Party. No one involved seems to be hiding that, but the facts relayed to election judges in the calls and email were incorrect. Some of those calls suggest a person needed to vote the entire Republican ticket this year to be eligible as a judge at all. They had to report polling place problems directly to the Republican Party and they were required to get additional training before ever reporting for duty.

Now the State's Attorney's Public Corruption and Financial Crimes Unit is heading up an investigation. The Chicago Board of Elections had its operations affected by the robo-call fiasco and they are referring all comments to their legal department.

Sharon Meroni calls herself the election judge coordinator for the Cook County Republican Party and identifies herself on one of the calls. WGN was unable to reach her today.

Election judges often apply for the job through their political party and they give name, addresses, emails, phone numbers as well as social security numbers.

If election judges are wondering how anyone got their personal information, in Chicago, the Chicago Board of Elections provides the personal information of each judge to each respective political party as a matter of procedure prior to each election.

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  • Zebra Stripes

    If there was any form of honesty in our election process, we would have another election for the offices affected by this theft of votes.

  • Diane

    If these Election Judges were ” truly trained” or had a basic knowledge of voting procedures with some kind of vetting process , they would have known that this was not a a legit message and would have shown up at their designated polling site.

    How well does Cook County even train their judges other than ” Don’t ask for a Photo I.D” ? As for those individuals who never showed up on election morning, I assume they never had any intentions of being a judge because they figured out the hourly rate for a judge is about $8.50 and hour. Maybe they did like their assigned polling site or had transportation issues with bad weather or It just wasn’t worth their time .

    • Mark Leszkiewicz

      Funny how you Teabaggers are fine with fraud if it’s from the GOP, like the new laws here in Texas, out of the last 20 million votes cast here a grand total of 2, thats right 2 cases of voter fraud, one of those cases involved a Republican. Shame on you for making more excuses for being anti-american

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