Chicago Archdiocese releases child sex abuse files on 36 more priests

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The Chicago Archdiocese opened the books on sexual abuse by 36 priests Monday.

15,000 pages of internal files, representing decades of church secrecy,  are now posted on the archdiocese website in the name of transparency.

They involve the confirmed abuse of hundreds of children since 1950.

Though their names were not published in the files, it’s causing heartache and pain for dozens of sex abuse victims, who are now reliving terrible memories created by some Chicago Catholic priests.

For the victims seeing these files for the first time, it’s bringing up new revelations. They’re learning they were not alone, but it’s also confirming suspicious that church administrators knew what was going on, while little to no action was taken.

Terre Theis was in 7th grade at St. Catherine’s of Alexandria in Oak Lawn in the early 70s when Father Donald Mulsoff came to the parish.

Mulsoff was one of 36 priests named by Chicago’s archdiocese as priests with substantiated claims of sex abuse involving minors.

“One time when he disciplined me up there, he made me bend over a desk, a library table and he took down my underwear and fondled me,” Theis said.

Theis lived through some of the stories spelled out in the 15,000 page file released by the diocese. It includes everything from pictures, evaluations, and interviews released surrounding these priests.

“I was surprised to learn that a retired teacher and two people that worked at the school backed-up our stories. That he was doing these crazy things with boys and girls,” Theis said.

14 of the priests on this list are dead, including Mulsoff. The rest have been removed from ministry.

“I’m very disappointing that they knew so much and they did so little,” Theis said.

This information is being made public just two weeks before Cardinal George is set to retire, turning over the reins to Archbishop-elect Cupich.

Cardinal George was not talking on-camera about these files, but released a statement saying he wants to rebuild trust in the church.

The archdiocese is still encouraging victims to come forward. To date, the archdiocese has paid $130 million in damage claims to victims and their families.

To view the documents, go to

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  • Neil Allen

    The Catholic church is the Organized Child Sex Mafia. In Chicago, Cardinal George is the mafia don, protecting his Pedophile Priest henchmen who raped children, and who all confessed every single one of their rapes to another priest in “Catholic confession”, which makes them “made men”, and means they can’t be turned in or stopped. This is all in brutal defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6-14.

    The Cardinal lives in a $14 million mansion (according to CNN), which is fitting for any high level organized crime leader, in brutal defiance of Jesus in Matt 19:21.

    The organized crime syndicate also has it’s PR people like Fr Richard Ross, whose job it is to intimidate the victims, so he told the Joliet Herald-News. “I’ll take all of these people who were abused, and I’ll abuse them with a baseball bat. You can quote me on that.”

    These are all wolves in priests clothing, doing satan’s organized work, committing organized child rape, threatening the victims and getting filthy, filthy rich.

    Satan is very smart, and still gets people to follow his Catholic church with their promise of an easy ticket to heaven, even as they brutally defy Jesus all the way.

    And God despises and will punish the Catholic church and their followers for committing, concealing, and condoning this organization of organized child rape and filthy riches that claims to be “God’s church”.

  • Victim of George Dyer

    Where is Father George Dyer’s name. She sexually abused dozens of boys while he was a priest at St. Pius in Pilsen during the early 70’s. There is no way that the pastor of St. Pius had no idea what was going on.

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