Man, 27, killed in police-involved shooting at Highland Park Hospital

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police are investigating a deadly shooting involving a police officer at Highland Park hospital.

Police were called to the hospital early Monday morning for a report of an aggressive patient.

When they arrived, officers say Christopher Anderson, 27, had a gun and refused to drop the weapon.

Officers shot Anderson and he died.

Police say he was brought to the hospital earlier in the night after a car accident.

Police say they didn't check Anderson for a gun after the accident because he wasn't accused of any wrongdoing.

No one else was wounded in the shooting and Highland Park hospital remained open Monday.

Anderson' relatives say they can't believe he would become aggressive, especially with his nine-year-old daughter in a hospital room next door.

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    • Very Scary Planet

      Yes they did you idiot. He had a gun and was starting trouble. He was a typical thug, a common criminal that was so stupid he pulled out a gun in hospital.
      No loss, in fact, society is now a better without him. Any idiot that would put his 9 year old daughter in a car with a drink driver doesn’t deserve to be a dad. She’s better off without him.

      • Gregory

        Ex-con, driving drunk with a young daughter, a rap sheet 3 pages long…. It has to be hard to defend that, and then carries a gun? a stolen gun? TIME to take responsibility for your family… The police did the right thing, and should have done it sooner. Imagine the nurses and doctors? Did they come to work to be terrorized by trash?

  • garrett

    Hmm?? I’m wondering “why” did they feel they “had” to shoot him dead? This happens a lot, and it would seem that the first thing to do is to wound the assailant, unless there is direct confrontation where because of no protection by police(but surely they had on vests) they had to shoot to kill. If they got a call he had a gun, there should have been no “direct confrontation”, in which case it would have been a hostage situation. Doesn’t seem like the man should have been considered a “thug” so a more compassionate response would have been more reasonable. What I mean is he was an average citizen, apparently having a problem with the hospital personnel, and over reacting by pulling a gun. That is a bit extreme for an “average” citizen, but they surely knew his 9 year old daughter was there and so he wasn’t some troublemaker, just out to be tough, but an average citizen having a difficult reaction to a situation. Doesn’t seem to be a reason to be “killed” dead. The “CONDITIONS” were not set up to get everyone involved out alive, including the police. I’d really like to follow up on what comes out further about this story.

    • anonymous

      1. “Wound the assailant”.
      A. As far as I know police are trained to fire center mass. Remember that there are bystanders to take into consideration. There is over-penetration of the target, ricochets, etc.
      B. Non-lethal shooting is only in the movies. Winging bad-guys or knee shots are very small often moving targets that again put the safety of others at risk if missed. If you’ve ever fired a pistol you’d understand that it’s easy to miss a silhouette target 15′ away. Plus there is the ‘real life’ aspect where repetitive training comes into play. Nervousness, emotions, future regrets, religious beliefs etc., can cause you to miss a target much less a moving ear lobe.
      2. “Why they felt they had to shoot him”?
      A. He brandished a firearm inside of a hospital with many bystanders that could have been targets and refused to drop the weapon.
      3. “They had on vests”
      A. The bystanders did not. The officers also have exposed areas for example the head.
      4. “He should not have been considered a thug”
      A. He wasn’t until he revealed ‘the content of his character’ by his reaction.
      We are all average citizens. He was shot and killed by the police through nobodies fault but his own. Thank God he did not harm anyone else. No hospital I know of allows firearms inside for this reason. There are often highly emotional states and animosities between kin that result in this behavior so they try to minimize it.

      • Marty Miller

        Absolutely correct. Pull a gun on an officer, face the consequence. Police and people like myself are trained to not wound and risk that person getting another chance to shoot back and possibly kill. Each bullet is meant to be a kill shot, sorry. Sad that liberals are brainwashed into the silly notion of “time-outs” and the silly things like shoot to wound. What was HIS intention of pulling the weapon? hmmm?

      • Diva12501

        I work in this type of environment and I totally agree with everything you stated, and also there is equipment present in the area that if damaged by bullets could cause explosions which would put everyone around in danger of being injured or killed, you have to contain the threat.

      • confused citizen

        It’s called a taser!! And if I’m not mistaken they equipped that police officers with them just for instances like these that have been in the media lately. No killing / murder is justifiable no matter who is behind the trigger. What makes them special where they can point a gun at me when I’m unarmed with no consequences but if I brandish a gun than my consequence is losing my life all because they have a badge and I don’t? Crazy very crazy.

      • Gregory

        The crucial part…. The “MAN” with a gun was getting care in a hospital , and then a stolen gun,, and then an excon, keep the drama going. How can you possibly defend this action?

      • Jen

        Confused citizen, are you also delusional?! He had a GUN in a hospital. How close would you like to get to someone with a gun in their hand to try and taser them? I am a nurse…. We try to SAVE & HELP people. Amazing your lack of respect for those police who put themselves in harms way to protect innocent lives every day, and medical professionals who try and heal….. If I were in that ER as either a patient or a nurse, I would be thanking God for those officers. Well said anonymous!!!

  • jim

    If you pull a gun on the police you should be shot and killed. Anyone who draws down against an armed police officer is more of a threat to the average person.

    • Truth hound

      Because it helps put into perspective as to what type of person they were dealing with. He was a violent felon with an extensive criminal history and was on parole. Is it so hard to believe that he had a gun???? His history shows what type of poor choices he has made. We are all defined by the choices we make.

  • James

    I have never been shot at. Maybe because I do not go around aiming guns at people. I wonder if there is any connection. This man made a very stupid decision and the outcome should not be a surprise.

  • parrish duke

    You have no clue, you are speculating off the very limited and controlled info bring released – support Chicago’s official gang the police. Hope and pray they never come for you, they have their own biased higher ups that controll the information being released and they seem to be too nervouse to perform their duties, imagine this – we have biased, nervous, other races of people in black neighborhoods to patrol and serve. They could care less about the area or community they are assigned to protect and are so nervous to perform their job that they shoot to kill – perfect example – Dormer, ex copon the run in California was not arrested, hell several innocent people where gunned down in his man hunt, but the pennsylvania suspect was captured?? Say what you want but know nothing unless you are subject to the BS

    • Very Scary Planet

      You have no clue! The 911 call from the hospital said the man had a gun. The police were protecting. If the police are “so nervous to perform their job that they shoot to kill” it’s because they keep running into criminals like Christopher Anderson that pull out guns in places like hospitals.
      Christopher deserved to die. He put his 9 year old daughter in a car with a drunk driver, that is criminal and now his daughter is better off, so is society.

  • James

    I am hearing that the auto accident is related to a DUI. He was a passenger in the car with his 9 year old daughter. The car being driven by an unlicensed drunk from Chicago. If he loved his daughter why was a 9 year old out in a car at 11 at night driven by a drunk. At least this idiot can no longer have more kids. Cannot cure stupid.

  • Mary Lopiparo

    To all of chris”s family members and alaysia, I am very sorry for the loss of your loved one Chris. I’m not buying a bit of their stories. I truly think that the police are making up the story of the gun on him to save their own ass.I think it’s cold and evil. My prayers and condolences go to all of you

    • Truth hound

      Yea your right it is all a big conspiracy……the police just go around killing people for no reason and then cover it up. Sooooo much ignorance. Why don’t you be a little open minded and wait for all the information to come out…..Oh wait, that won’t matter because you obviously think you have it all figured out and you won’t let facts get in the way of your opinion.

  • PO-PO

    The ignorance of some people amazes me. “It’s called a taser!!” Are you kidding me? If someone comes in contact with the police and they have a GUN, we are trained to meet them with the same amount of force, not anything lower. If someone has a gun, you can bet the cop is going to pull out theirs, no matter the circumstance.

  • Judge Dredd

    Hey Mary I know you think the Police planted the gun but you should think for a minute use your head. The 911 call came from hospital staff. There are several witness who are in a ER I think if the Police lied it will come out. On the flip side if he indeed pull a gun I am all for the Police killing your relative hopefully youth in America will learn you challenge police with a gun you will end up dead respect authority.

    • Mary Lopiparo

      Yeah because he was being aggressive,not because of a gun. No I am not a relative, but my brother is good friends with the family and let’s not mention aside from past experience with law enforcement, he was a welder by trade and worked to take care of his family.

    • Mary Lopiparo

      No I don’t think police planted gun on him. I just don’t think he had a gun period. Apparently he was pissed off about the accident,with his daughter being involved in the accident. And let’s not forget Chris and his daughter were visiting a sick relative. Maybe that could have some thing to do with his quote aggressive behavior. Who knows.

      • Truth hound

        Sorry to burst your bubble Mary….he did have a gun and he did point it at the police. ER staff saw exactly what happened and are talking about it. The ER was full of people that stopped what they were doing and were watching this unfold. They saw the gun.

  • Gregory

    Sorry to hear that the Highland park hospital employees and the police had to deal with a man, that has a history of violence. The hospital and the police should be heavily compensated for dealing with people that are so nasty.

  • Sweden

    Another colored male acts badly and wave with a gun in a hospital and then some scream murder when he gets shoot.Is this some culture in the USA.YOU NEVER EVER GET A GUN INTO THE HOSPITAL.

    Best regards from Sweden.

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