Baby’s first crawl has a heartwarming finish

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • joan b

    nothing cute about these animal/baby videos. Don’t turn your back on your dogs. And stop letting them lick your baby’s face. How disgusting and unsanitary..

  • Annie Elizabeth

    this isn’t “heartwarming” it’s potentially dangerous. that baby might easily have crawled right into a bite to the face in this video. that dog had a tense posture, a closed mouth, was lip-licking, had hard eyes and was basically guarding that toy. this dog was giving out signals that it was not happy with this baby crawling towards him and his toy. the parents of this baby are VERY LUCKY that the dog didn’t escalate his behavior into something potentially tragic for that baby. because the parents obviously have no idea what the signals that dog gave out mean.

      • Annie Elizabeth

        In other words, you have no idea about canine body language but you can’t admit it out loud so you make fun of my very correct assessment of this potentially dangerous situation. This type of thing is EXACTLY how so many children end up with dog bites to the face resulting in ER visits, plastic surgery, and usually, the dog getting put to sleep for doing nothing more than being a dog. This is human failure putting both baby and dog at risk.

    • Matt

      awww, are you mad? name calling…lol. So then why didn’t the the dog attack the baby then??? wasn’t the dog’s behavior already “escalated” to some degree as you say with it’s “tense posture, a closed mouth, was lip-licking, had hard eyes”… lmfao.. Maybe instead of biting the baby, (like it should have if you were even 10% right) in the face, I guess last minute the dog licked the baby because why? it just changed it’s mind because the dog felt the baby was just to adorable after-all? how about the dog knew the ramifications? No! it’s because at no point the dog ever felt threatened or intimidated and even more than that…. this dog doesn’t have behavioral issues as it clearly showsed (unlike like some humans i.e. fearful, over exaggerator, over analyzer,perhaps some Schizophrenia. hhmmm conditions that you’re exhibiting) at that particular time. Seems to me this dog is more stable than you.. Just saying!

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