Top 5 fun facts about Joe Maddon

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Top 5 fun facts about Joe Maddon:

5. Joe Maddon loves his bicycle. In 2012, it was reported that Maddon would cycle 60-100 miles per week.

4. Over his five years as Tampa Bay Rays manager, Maddon's players often referred to him as their "fun uncle." Maddon once set his lineup based on the 80s song "Jenny." Yep - that order went 8-6-7-5-3-0(DH)-9.

3. Maddon once brought merengue band Sol Caribe into the Rays locker room, telling his Twitter feed that the band brought a "great vibe" into the clubhouse. The Rays went on to beat the Red Sox 5 to 3 that night.

2. Get Brookfield on the line, because Joe seems to have something for wild animals. He once did a pregame interview with a cockatoo on his shoulder. Real penguins had been seen in the Rays locker room. And in August of 2013, he had his players lining up to hold a 20-foot python.

1. Just how much does Maddon love his fans?  After the Rays ended a five game losing streak on the road, Maddon offered to buy a beer for anybody wearing Rays gear at a local bar. A word of advice, Maddon: Make sure you're baseball's highest paid manager before you attempt something like that in Wrigleyville.

If the Cubs hire Maddon, that means they’ll have to release manager Rick Renteria who just finished his first season with the team.

Renteria has two years remaining on his contract.


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