Movie claims everything we know about the universe is wrong

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A controversial new film claims everything we know about the universe is wrong. It`s called ‘The Principle,’ as in the Copernican principle.  And the story begins during the first battle of scripture versus science.

Beginning this weekend , see it at:

AMC River East 21

322 East Illinois St

Chicago IL 60611

For more information on the movie, go to 

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  • John_QPublic (@John_QPublic)

    Newton’s COSMOLOGY was (not mechanics) was abandoned over 100 years ago in favor of Einstein’s (general theory), which does allow any location to act as a center. I any case, good interview and a great film. Most of the interviewees in the film do not support a motionless earth in the center, but many do tend to support certain contentions about our place in the cosmos, contrary to the consensus view.

  • David

    The astronomer interviewed is a perfect example of the current state of science in the US. Rather than investigate the validity of a viewpoint that challenges his way of thinking he instead dismisses it with ridicule (ad hominem). If the universe consisted only of our solar system, then geocentrism would defy physics; however, since the mass of the entire universe dwarfs that of our solar system he is thinking too small. If the universe does indeed rotate then whatever was is at it’s center would be unaffected by the nearest celestial bodies since the universe is balanced on it much like a fulcrum. The point of this movie is to draw attention to the three major recent experiments mapping the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation). These experiments, each in successively greater detail, have shown an orientation of universal planes that line up with our equator and the ecliptic plane and converge at the earth. The objective of science is to observe the world around us and then draw conclusions that explain them. Well the scientists in this movie can’t explain it unless they accept the simplest answer which of course they refuse to. That is why they’ve even nicknamed these planes the ‘Axis of Evil’.

  • Anne

    You might want to read up about the individuals behind this movie. They are extreme conspiracy theorists. And “Dave”, take a look at the facts. If these are people you find to be credible enough to overturn the entire world of science, then you are welcome to them. I think most people will find them anything but credible. Everything from Holocaust revisionism to thinking the moon landings were a hoax.

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