Waukegan high school students worry about admission deadlines as teacher’s strike continues

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Parents and students were outside Waukegan High School to say enough is enough.

ACT Testing is challenging enough for students. The stakes are high as they try to get into that choice school with a good test score.

Some students expressed concerned over meeting their deadlines and getting a hold of teachers, who remain on strike.

Teachers and the district have been at odds over pay, benefits and the amount of assigned classroom time for educators.

A statement on the districts website from the school superintendent Donaldo Batiste puts the blame on the teachers union.

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  • cait

    Tom- what do you do for a living? Overnight gas station cashier? No? Then stop presenting yourself like one! Teachers are the dedicated and passionate people who educate YOUR children and shape them into intelligent little beings. These children are our future leaders and we need them to be creative, smart, and eager to learn. Teachers are inspiring them to grow- many times on their own dime. Many of these teachers purchase their own supplies to give their students the best learning experience possible. These teachers received the lowest salaries in the area- whilst dealing with limited technology, supplies, and difficult students. These kids have incredible dedication and passion- but do need to be inspired and pushed in the right direction. Without these teachers who knows what would become of these kids. Give the teachers what they deserve.

    • Cait

      Mechanical engineer- impressive. I would not have guessed from your naive and offensive comments. Self-taught engineer I assume? Or- did you learn from a teacher or professor? Let’s be appreciative of the people who got us where we are today. You sound like an immature teenager swaring and insulting the people that shape the people who create our world. Grow up and think before you speak.

      • Zachary Nagle

        People do appreciate teachers but these teachers are holding these children hostage and putting their futures at risk. What will you say when this year’s seniors can’t graduate and have to come back next year?