‘I knew it was coming!’ Men spot erratic driver before three-car crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The video above contains language that some viewers may find offensive.

Two men in Fayette County, Pa., predicted the future after spotting an erratic driver.

After seeing the driver in front of them swerving in and out of lanes, one of the men got out his cell phone and started recording.

At one point, the driver nearly swiped the side of a school bus.

Later on, the man recording the video tells his friend who is driving to slow down.

“Man, I don’t want to be involved in an accident,” he said.

Shortly after that, the erratic driver turns in front of an oncoming car. Then, airbags deploy in the men’s car.

At the end of the video, one of the men says, “I knew it was coming.”

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    • petfriendly2

      The passenger–not the driver–was recording the incident. Yes, they should have called 9 1 1 to report the erratic driver. I hope all involved are OK.

  • Jean

    What idots. The driver was laughing – what was so funny about this? That driver needed help & you taped & followed but never tried to see what was wrong.

  • Ansa

    Instead of recording, the driver should have been calling 911 to try and get her off the road.
    What is wrong with people that they can’t use common sense???

    • chris

      When I have called 911 about erratic drivers or other safety issues the 911 operator always gives me attitude. Maybe if police were patrolling and not sitting in a dingle spot setting speed traps they could of prevented it.

  • Jeannie

    @MichaelJ McGee, First off it was the passenger recording, not the driver….Also, I have called the police because of an erratic driver, and they have said that I would have to stop by the police station to fill out a report,and what good would that have done for these men??? The accident was going to happen because of this driver, the only difference would have been the men would have been on the phone with the police instead of having actual footage of the crash, which showed fault to the erratic driver.

    • MrCrabs

      I had the same response from the county sheriff’s operator. I was told to call the local police department and have them set up an appointment with a sheriff’s deputy. I was irritated enough to do it. I took off time from work in the middle of the day. The up side was that the deputy I met with called in in the plate, got the owner’s contact number, and called him. It turns out that the daughter was the driver. The deputy contacted her about the bad behavior. The deputy gave me his cell phone number and told me to call him if I saw her doing it again. The next time I saw that car on the way to work she was behaving herself. Eventually, I never saw the car going that route again.

    • S Rus

      I live in a suburb of Chicago and tried flashing my lights at an erratic driver in front of me on an expressway. He almost hit numerous cars several times. He changed lanes and then I passed him, he then pulled behind me honking and flashing his lights and riding on my a$$. I eventually sped up to get him off my tail. Police did nothing since I had no license plate or info.

  • Pearl

    No way could the cops have gotten there fast enough to avoid this wreck of a driver. Stop blaming the person who video’d the drive in question, and instead ask if that driver was texting, drunk or whatever. No way should anyone have been driving in whatever condition they were in. This is not the fault of the victims. This was a driver who never should have been driving!

  • Vicki brown

    This all could of been avoided, had 5his men called 911 or confronted them at the stop light… it’s as much the 2 men’s fault as the other car…

  • ThatGuy

    This is why you call police as soon as you see a person driving erratically, NOT after they’ve caused a possible fatal accident!

  • John

    So, they watched this, videoed it for about 3 minutes instead of flashing their lights, honking their horn, getting up next to them at the stop, and they certainly didn’t call 9-1-1. They could have prevented this accident. At the very least they could have attempted to prevent it. It also could have been much worse. When you see someone driving like this, don’t you feel responsible to report it?? If it was the passenger getting the footage, wasn’t there yet another cell to phone it in? Why is it funny watching someone almost collide head on? Seems they should learn a lesson here since their actions (not in any way to exclude the drunk/tired/whatever driver from responsibility) ended up biting them in the ass by making them victims of the bad driver. Take action. (oh, right…they’d follow the driver, but it’s out of their way as said on video. Too late!!) Don’t be victims of your own apathy.

  • Joe

    I’ve encountered many drivers unable to safely control their vehicles on the road; each time I call the police/sheriff. I give a very thorough description of vehicle including tag #. I have never seen anyone I’ve reported get pulled over. Because I’m on the highway a lot, I’m usually following the person for a good stretch.

    In my opinion all officers should be on the road patrolling; not twiddling their thumbs at a speed trap.

  • realist

    Seriously all the people saying they could have prevented it by calling 911 have obviously never tried that. IT DOESNT WORK. They ask you to give a description or file a report. I’ve done it and so I know it doesn’t work. They do not send someone speeding over to get the driver off the road. Neither would solve this. Honking was risky as it could have startled the driver and caused a wreck. You’d then all be talking about the idiots who caused a wreck by honking. They did the only thing they could. Stayed at a distance, recorded it, and prayed for her safety and that of others. The driver was concerned enough to say he wished he could follow her home. The accident happened seconds later. The blame is on the driver and no one else.

    • John

      Concerned?!?!? They’re cracking up b/c the car almost wrecked…before it did wreck. These dopes “saw it coming,” but they’re far too close to not end up in the collision when it happens. That’s smart like the commenter that recognized the crappy driver on the road, so thought it’d be bright to go around and pass the person. Why??? If you don’t want to end up in an accident, you stay back and away from a crappy driver. I think the only reason the person said they wished they could follow them home is because they wanted more footage for their YouTube page. I certainly didn’t hear any concern whatsoever, nor any action to show they had concern for anybody other than trying capturing the video for themselves-and now us, as well as attorneys and insurers involved. It’s good video, but those that took it could have tried to prevent the accident. Sorry folks- only hotheads blow their tops by flashing your lights and honking. They usually go fast and straight til they cut you off to move on. This looked like a sleeper, drug interaction, drunk, or medical emergency. If somebody’s starting to doze off, it can absolutely bring their attention back. Why are people advocating that doing nothing is okay? Seems that’s a big part of the problem with people these days. Watch. Don’t get involved. Not my problem. Oh, crap! How’d that happen? Oh- I saw it coming. Yes, I did. I just decided to go on my way, and do nothing. Would’ve gone home, but this car ended up in my lap. Apathy. This is what it gets you.

  • Christopher F Cheney

    police would of never got there in time first off and second off there needs to be prove of how she driving i find it funny how many you have the balls to blame the delievery driver when teh women is the one who was driving unsafe. there no mention if the police were called or not so you cannot assumed they were ore werent

  • Kathy

    My husband and I called the police on a driver that was all over the road. We stayed on the phone for 15 minutes detailing every single turn. Yeah, the police never showed up.