Father pulled over while driving laboring wife to hospital has been ticketed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Photo Credit: WHO-TV

There’s an update to a story that went viral last week out of Calhoun County, Iowa.

A father who was pulled over and held at gunpoint has been ticketed for speeding his laboring wife to the hospital, WHO-TV reports.

Last Tuesday, Ben Kohnen was taking orders from his wife, despite seeing the emergency lights in his rear view mirror.

His wife, Rachel, was in labor and thought she wasn’t going to make to the hospital in time to have her baby.

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Ben was going 30mph over the speed limit and that caught the attention of police.

“He starts following me and he turns on his lights and my wife says ‘We can’t pull over, the baby is coming now,'” Ben told Channel 13.

“I did tell him not to stop,” Rachel added.

Ben listened to his wife and refused to stop when officers tried to pull him over, so police ended up using stop-sticks to blow out the tires on their SUV bringing the couple to a stop on the outskirts of Fort Dodge.

The Kohnens say they were ordered to the ground and held at gunpoint until police realized it was an emergency.

The couple says they tried to call 911, but the dispatcher probably couldn’t understand Rachel in between her contractions.

The story went viral with national and international media outlets covering it.

However, that’s not where it ends. The Calhoun County attorney is issuing two citations: a speeding ticket for going 86 in a 55 miles-per-hour zone and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

Ben tells us this could put his CDL license at risk, which he uses for his job.

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  • Andrea Nelson

    Sounds like the Calhoun attorney is out only to make an example. I’m sure there are much more deserving criminals who need that. Why doesn’t the attorney go FIND an honest to goodness real criminal and real problem to pursue instead of waiting for an honest minor problem to appear in the headlines to attack. Messing up someone’s life over something like this is ridiculous. The littlest decisions you make in life will put your footsteps on the path where you end up. For good. or for evil.

    • Mark

      Those two tickets are textbook examples of a slap on the wrist. They could have charged him with much worse. He should have called for an ambulance or kept his speed under control like the rest of us. I bet you’d be singing a different tune had he hit and killed someone crossing the street. And FYI failure to yield to an emergency vehicle is a petty offense just like the speeding ticket.

      • Jerry

        I don’t know about you but I don’t make it a habit of walking across roads with 55mph speed limits. 2 tickets is NOT a slap on the wrist when you have a CDL. But you wrote the “textbook” eh, so you know everything. I bet you would be singing a different tune if that was your wife in labor. See I can do it too.

      • mark

        Actually jerry when my wife was in labor I drove her there without fleeing police and putting everyone in danger! I was responsible and if it were an emergency I would have called an ambulance. Actually I’m a police officer so yeah you could say I wrote the book.

      • Paul

        I went through this same scenario a few months back. Difference was, we life in a neighborhood that is very quiet and it would take an ambulance more than 20 minutes to find us. So when my wife went into labor with our second child, we called our doctor who advised us to wait at home till the contractions were less than 5 min apart. Thatwas at 2am. At 2:15am, my wifes contractions had jumped to 3 min and it was everything i could do to get her to the hospital which was normally a 25min drive. We did it in 10 andmy daughter was born 6 minutes later. So, if a cop had tried to pull me over for whatever that night, he would have been met by my tail lights, or me stopping in the middle of the street, yelling out the window, i can pull over, but you had better know how to deliver a baby….

  • Sandra Villafane

    I dont understand these officers, they have nothing better to do, they meed to focus on more important CRIMINAL situations instead of picking on innocent people, he could have given him a warning, was he upset because he had to move out of hisn parking spot, or did he spill his coffee or drop his donut, please officers worry and punish real criminals please! !

  • JAKE

    Are pollitians and police that stupid this was a emergecy. When they founded out she was pregnant all charges should have been dropped.This country is going backwards people have no commonsense but they claim to be socalled educated..

  • Ashley

    Being pregnant myself I’ve gotta say this couple is lucky they didn’t get worse treatment. The whole ordeal woulda been a lot shorter, costed less money, and not been such a waste of everyone’s time if they had followed the law. Odds are they would’ve gotten an escort so to say the police force is being to harsh is ridiculous. Being pregnant isn’t being above the law and out of the charges they could have received they’re lucky..

  • Bob

    Thank God they are still alive. They could’ve crashed after hitting those road spikes. Guess in Iowa this must’ve been the most exciting thing to happen all year.

  • loriann

    He could have wrecked and wiped out another family. This wasn’t an emergency. The kid was born safely in spite of the parents stupidity. He deserves the tickets, no excuses. You standing up for him wouldn’t be if he’d harmed or endangered your family. 30 over is insanely stupid and shows poor decision making by him. He needs his driving looked at.

  • J. W. nicholson

    Really folks, how about a little common sense here. Tickets, really……give the baby a key to the city and the parents a break. A little authority make some officials a little heavy handed, or very heavy handed.

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