Obama in Chicago for Quinn rally

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

President Obama arrived in Chicago around 7 p.m. Sunday to attend a Gov. Patrick Quinn voting rally at Chicago State University.

It's the second time this month the President will be in town to help support Quinn.  Obama attended a fundraiser for Quinn along with giving a speech on the economy at Northwestern University a few weeks ago.

Quinn is in a tight race with Republican Bruce Rauner.  Latest statewide polls released Friday shows the two in a dead heat.  Rauner, garnering 42.4 %, Quinn 40.7 %, according to the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute.

Democrats are sending in heavy hitters to bolster Quinn's campaign, with Obama in town Sunday and Monday, former President Bill Clinton here on Tuesday and Vice President Joe Biden in Chicago on Wednesday.

On the Republican side, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been in town several times for Rauner.  Texas Senator Ted Cruz is expected to be here on Wednesday.

Early voting starts Monday for the Nov. 4 election.

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    • Zebra Stripes

      I can’t stand Quinn, but there is no way I would ever vote for a Republican. Now Obama is a different story. He has done a fantastic job with what he was given, and if he could run for a third term he would have my vote.

  • Steve

    Chorizo, I must respectfully disagree. President Obama is not a joke. He is one of the best presidents in my lifetime. Thoughtful, hardworking and decent. Bush(W) and Reagan were awful. President Obama, on the other hand, has helped millions get healthcare.

    • smitty

      Thousands lost their health care plans that they loved and also lost their doctors. Many thousands will loose their health care plans once the employer mandate kicks in after the mid term elections. Obama said health insurance will be cheaper and the average family would save $2,500. That was all lies and insurance went up. Why would anyone allow
      big government to dictate socialized health insurance over free market insurance plans?

  • moralsmore

    Despite the high Chicago crime rate and horrific gangs and gang killings under Liberal Democrat Raum Emmanuel, Obama’s henchman in Chicago, and the disastrous bankruptcy of Detroit under Liberal Democrat hands the people of Chicago and Illinois will continue to vote for inefficiency and corruption under Democrats.