Cell phone video captures teacher and student getting into physical altercation

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Warning: This video may have language that may be offensive to some. Viewer discretion is advised. 

A fight broke out at a local Baltimore high school, but it wasn’t just the students. The fight was between a student and a teacher and there’s cell phone video to prove it.

The video is now circulating through the halls of Carver High School in west Baltimore.

The teacher in the video is the one wearing a gray top and black pants. You can hear her threaten to kill the girl, who is a 17-year-old senior.

Another student tries to break the two up, but they continue fighting.

School officials say a verbal exchange between the two led to a physical altercation

The student’s family admits the girl ‘probably’ threw a book at the teacher, and has been involved in previous fights.

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  • Johnny

    Both the teacher and the student should be removed from the school,and the student with the cell phone too,for breaking the cell phone use in school rule.the parents of the girl should have their state assisted check terminated for not raising their child to respect authority! The parents say the student PROBABLY threw a book at the teacher( I guess that’s ok in some cultures) The parents shouldn’t pick and choose parts of this video to see if they can profit from it! Show it to a court judge and see what he says,then drop the hammer! We’ve lost it,America! Sad to say.

    • amber

      why they have to be on assistance ur whole comment is racist! u should be ban im tired of being looked dwn on by yall cuz we black every race fight i can pull up whites fight at schools too! no race is squeaky clean so drop it

    • Tyrone

      Johnny you’re obviously a dumb a$$ racist. Who said the family gets a government check? If you want 2 be technical, white people are the biggest welfare recipients. Think I’m lying, do your b research. That’s if u have the sense to do d research.

    • Shameca

      I agree… It’s one thing to disrespect me verbally, but I will not tolerate a “young adult” putting their hands on me…

  • Darrell Russell

    Real talk, hat’s off to the teacher. The students little disrespectful ass needed to be whooped. What is she suppose to do. stand there and take books upside the head all day. When I went to school, and even when I was growing up, we had RESPECT for our elders and teachers. We are truly in the last days…

  • Toni Brown

    I feel the teacher isn’t wrong. I’ve been a student and teachers put up with A LOT of stuff. There is noo excuse how that child acted.

  • ROBIN Drummond

    Now days all rules don’t apply if she can throw a book @ a adult /teacher then she can get her Ass whipped liked her parents should have ,both wrong yheh but when violence kick in its everyman for himself ,just think the teacher physically fought her some states want to give teachers guns ,,,,,now just think for a moment what we would be talking bout now if that was a teacher gun state hmmmm ??????

  • Chris

    I’ve taught in inner city schools before and the majority of them are “War Zones.” The students in most cases are rude, disrespectful, and undisciplined. The parents are clueless or careless about their childs behavior and academic achievement. They expect teachers to do what they should be doing at home.

    People, teaching in an environment like this and dealing with students such as in schools like this one on a daily basis, GETS OLD.

    This teacher was tired of the crap…

    I don’t condone what the teacher did, but, I bet this girl needed her tail whipped.

    Parents and troubled communities should stop blaming the teachers and schools and get involved.

    • Leonard

      I agree with you 100% this child has had this problem at home as well the parents need to get on her ass but more than likly see tells her mom what she will and want do if that was my child her butt would be raw now school is for learning and if you would ask her what she has learned since school started she couldn’t tell u I feel so sorry for the teacher for having to put up with somebody elses child when they shouldn’t have to do this and I know she may loose her job when she should be thanked and I pray for the girl because she keep this up she will be another black going through the justic system

  • Elis

    the teacher did take further than necessary action but the child stepped over a boundary. That was blatant disrespect. If I was the teacher I would kick her ass too. Her parents need to get a better hold of their child. Kids nowadays think it’s funny to attack the teacher. Now she knows who not to mess with

  • Stephanie

    Children are the reflection of their parents. This is what happens when a child is not taught to respect authority and is not disciplined at home. In the report it was said that the child had been in previous altercations. If she would have stayed in her place as a child and as a student the teacher would have jumped on her like that. I hope this woman doesn’t get fired. And did anyone notice the teacher was calling for the child to be removed before it escalated. The student should be expelled and the teacher should press charges. Note to parents….if you don’t teach your children respect for themselves and authority the world will. And the world does not care how your kids will end up when their done with them. If you love your kids teach them at home so the world doesn’t have to. No one will put up your kid’s cramp.

  • ng

    Its only so much someone can take. Even a teacher will react to the disrespectful behavior from this “child” this student. This young lady needed an ass whopin pulling those tricks! Good teacher, great teacher, whatever teacher, I would have gone hard in that students mouth. Obviously the parents don’t and that why the student felt she could be so aggressive. I say let these teachers hold their ground if they have to. Bottom line….job or no job…let a 17 year old girl throw anything at me and I’m gonna be unemployed real quick… 0-100.

  • Lamar

    Idk how the rules are in Baltimore schools, But in Philly I know students are not allow to have cell phones in the school I know cause I used to sneak mines in when I was in high school, Anyways I don’t think the teacher was wrong except for being a teacher on a cell & saying she’s gonna kill the student. But I think she had the right to beat the hell her that was total disrespect. I think the girl’s family is stupid for the comments she may have thrown a book. Dum dum she did. The fact they said she was the best kid, well damn I hate to see the worst. Overall if the teacher loses her job. It better be cause she was on the phone, threatening her (But she prolly wasn’t thinking when she said it cause she was upset) or the fact she kept coming after her. Student kicked out cause they had said she’s a trouble girl & basically she assaulted a person.

  • Jeanell

    Wow totally unacceptable even though the student was in the wrong for throwing the book the teacher is the adult in this situation and under no circumstances should she have charged at the student and commence to fighting it was clear she could have handled that a lot better

  • Nera horne

    This teacher is not wrong this new generation is wrong they don’t they can do anything in wont get hit back she should never started if the teacher would had walk away from it the lil grow girl would had been back there trying to do the same stuff again so she not wrong she should never threw that book because if somebody hit me with a book that age she would got hit to

  • R. Watson

    There are no words, just sadness. Actually, the school/school system should be fired for there being apparently no other clear course of action for either the student or the teacher. Most importantly, concerning the safety of both, why was there such slow response to this altercation?

  • Tah

    I work in a school in Philly and I feel for the Teachers. The Teacher shouldn’t have hit her but these ignorant, misguided, disrespect little dickheads will take you there. I bet that will won’t throw another book at a teacher.

  • amber

    its a lose lose situation as a teacher she getting in big trouble but lets be honest how many of us can say in a heated situation WHO can keep calm we somebody throws a book at you its not like a paper ball she threw a book! n tge parents acting shocked and using excuses yall know she a problem child and yall mad a the teacher i cant be the child was wrong i hope ffor the best on the teacher behave

  • Ruth

    I dont blame the teacher,,,,these teenager’s, ,,if the students behavior is like that in school i can only imagine at home! !!!

  • Kym

    My grandchildren better not ever disrespect anyone like that, and a teacher better beat their ass down to the ground if anyone of my bloodline behaves in such a manner. And when they get home, it’s definitely on,

  • Lauren Warner

    I must say, teachers have to navigate things like this on a daily basis. While there is no excuse for a teacher acting this way, think about how you might react if dealing with animalistic, neanderthal-type behaviors like this EVERYDAY. Anybody who believes that after 180 days a year, year after year, they can do better, should probably hold their tongue. Karma is a bitch!

    I ask you this….why is it that the “best” child that mother has to send to school is a barnyard animal? What the hell was she doing when that child should have been taught respect? This country is in for a rude awakening…..those animals are becoming “adults,” at least in age. Animals breed animals. It can only get worse before we figure a way to make it better. Even kids in the best of the best, whitest districts ever are acting like fruit flies! Parents must re-learn how to parent. That is the only way behaviors like these will cease to exist. Just my opinion. Thanks for letting me share:)

  • Chris

    Teachers are supposed to set an example and do the right thing. That being said, if the student was big and bad enough to throw a book at a teacher, she needed to suffer the consequences. The teacher probably had enough. If the teacher has a clean record and doesn’t do this on the regular, she should be suspended (with pay, girlfriend needs a break) for a week and made to go to training on how to handle rude, disrespectful and violent children,

  • Courtney

    the teacher shouldn’t be fired in the very least. when i was in high school, one of my peers threw a textbook AND a desk at our social studies teacher and she didn’t do anything but call the principal. but when he instigated with our biology teacher, she sat on him to keep him detained until security AND the principal showed up. sometimes, a teacher has to do, what a teacher has to do. if the student is going to act like a little crap head and start in with the teacher, she has it coming to her because the student broke that respect factor between them and is now disrespecting the teacher or as some see it her “elder”. the student in this case, should be expelled the way the kid in my high school was. the teacher on the other hand, shouldn’t receive any punishment for handling a rotten apple the way it needed to be handled.

  • MzMarla W-B

    The teacher WAS RIGHT. The parents and adults in this childs life neef to be fined for allowing such disrespect. This teacher shouldve nevrr been chllenged like that. There should be a no tolerance policy on the sudents behavior. More students will do this if its handled by punishing the teacher.

  • Lisa

    They completely didn’t show the student throw a chair, keyboard and book at the teacher when the teacher asked her to get off her phone during class.

  • YusufsParadise

    Well to be honest, I don’t think that the teacher should be removed from the school! In fact, the student should have been removed from the school probably a long time ago for all of the fights that she’s been in! The aunt and the grandmother acting like that girl isn’t a problem, and from what I saw on the tape the didn’t seem that upset because this probably isn’t the first incident this young lady has been in. So yes, I am totally on the teachers side because these children today are totally ornery, disrespectful and have no respect for themselves or others. These teachers put up with a lot of b.s. from these students and their ignorant parents! And JOHNNY, you sound like an ignoramus for making that ridiculous statement you moron!

  • Erika

    Teachers are human. When someone hit you in the head with a book you will react. Why must we fight to teach. Especially when you have young girls literally dying to learn. We have never been taught to take a beating and keep teaching. We have every right to defend ourselves. Guess what the other students are talking and will follow the bad student lead. Unfortunately, this teacher would be on constant defense for her life. No one is seeing the big picture. We are fighting for our personal safety daily and we deserve to live. There are teachers being attack daily. We have families and love ones who want us to come home safely.

  • Malikka Taylor

    Nobody goes to work to get assaulted by anyone. They both were out of pocket and both should be disciplined for their actions. As far as the teacher goes I’m not mad at her she lost control of her emotional state. Where was security to place the student in another location that could have simply prevented this from happening? She wanted to be grown clearly and well as a parent I probably would be angry at the teacher for swinging on my child. They have it hard though & if my child ever done something of that nature her Ass would be mines my child’s ass would be mines.

  • standup4yourself

    I believe the teacher stood up for herself…. And the child needs guidance and she is not getting any at home…. I blame the ppl the child and the ppl that’s raising her!

    • Chris

      Markeya, you have got to be from the hood to make a comment like that. When you were in school, you probably was like this girl or you have kids like her.

      The teacher was justified in putting this girl in her place.

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