Beating the odds, one more time: Troubled kid turns life around only to face new challenges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Four years ago, WGN brought you the story of Jason Sharp; a street kid from the toughest corners of Chicago who, when given the chance, turned his life around and rose to the top- excelled at a military school in Wisconsin where he graduated with the highest honor for any cadet.

Today, we caught up with this Jason again; faced with a new set of challenges that give him a perspective on life the rest of us could learn from.

As a teen,  Jason had been pulled from a life with a drug addicted mother, and an absent father.  At the encouragement of one person who saw some promise in him, the "at risk" teen entered St. John's Military Academy. Sharp has always maintained this school saved his life.
He's since been through Army life,  flight school, got married and had a son.

Today, he's back at St. John's a few years older and so much the wiser. Because a year and a half ago he was diagnosed with advanced stage 3 Hodgins Lymphoma. Once the picture of health, now he's fighting for his life.
Xrays showed just how much cancer doctors would be treating.

From that moment on, it's been massive doses of chemotherapy, radiation, daily visits to the hospital, and later a stem cell transplant. The boys at St. John's who called him their hero were stunned. So his boss and Commandant on campus, along with the rest of the school welcomed Jason home again; not to work, or to march, but to rest and heal during the greatest challenge yet.

Last week he finally got some good news: remission. A reprieve from the cycle he refused to make a lifestyle. Today he has a new lease on life even with hospital bills well over a million dollars.  His friends in Delafield sponsored a motorcycle ride to help with the costs. For that, Lt. Jason Sharp will be forever grateful.

If you'd like to help Lt. Sharp, please visit

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