Family of Thomas Eric Duncan says his death from Ebola is ‘racially motivated’

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The family of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to die of Ebola on U.S. soil, joined the Rev. Jesse Jackson at his Rainbow Push headquarters to call foul on the treatment Mr. Duncan received.

They say the treatment Duncan received was at best 'incompetent' and at worst 'racially motivated.'

Duncan passed away last week, but his mom and nephew spoke out at Rainbow Push's weekly gathering today.

The family is asking why Duncan wasn't moved to Emory University Hospital, where Dr. Kent Brantly and Dr. Nancy Writebol received life saving treatment for Ebola.

Duncan's nephew now wants all of his uncle's medical records, where he will have them reviewed by independent doctors and contagious disease experts.

However, doctors at Texas Presbyterian Hospital, where Duncan was treated, say their staff was 'well-equipped' to handle his case.

The whole ordeal has left Duncan's mother heartbroken.

Family members say they are considering some form of legal action against the hospital where Duncan received treatment.


  • Can't stand this

    BTW, who is going to pay the half a million dollar medical bills Duncan incurred during his hospital stay?

  • Anne

    I really want these people to sit down and be quiet. They are so ungrateful for the care he received here in the U.S. If he stayed in Liberia, theres a chance he wouldn’t even receive a hospital bed because the hospitals over there are packed. People are dying in the streets in Liberia.

  • Anne

    Wow. These people are really making me mad! Please kick them out of the country if they’re not supposed to be here.

  • Hollis

    I can’t think of a single member of my family who has not been really sick from flu at one time or another, with Mr. Duncan’s symptoms the first time he went to the Emergency Room. Including temperatures of 103! The only difference is WE did not go to the emergency room!! We did what people with the flu do. Try to hold down liquid like Gatorade to avoid dehydration. Take medicine to prevent vomiting (I prefer coca cola syrup, but there are others) monitor temperature. Go to the doctor the next day or walk in clinic. Not the ER, because it is more expensive!
    But ALL the times we had temperatures of 103 we NEVER went to the emergency room!! So why was Duncan and his family so fast to go to ER? And now they blame the hospital for not thinking Ebola?? Why didn’t Duncan and his family think of it?? He was from a place being ravaged by Ebola, people, including his neighbor he helped, were being turned away from hospitals it??. But he didn’t happen to think to tell the doctors where he was from?
    I do not think a busy ER should be expected to say–aha, this guy doesn’t have flu–he has Ebola! The first person EVER to be a walk-in Ebola patient! Of course they thought it was flu. Does the Rev. Jackson and Duncan’s family know so little about ERs that they think someone with Mr. Duncan’s symptoms–and a temp of 103 (which I’ve had several time, with no ER) — should be admitted to the hospital??
    As far as Rev Jackson’s belief that Duncan should’ve been flown to Nebraska or Atlanta–doesn’t he think the Dallas hospital would’ve LOVED to fly him there, instead of having their untrained staff treat an Ebola patient in their Dallas hospital?? Where is the Rev.’s commonsense?? All I can say now is–I hope Reverend Jackson is flying down to Dallas now. A female healthcare worker who treated Duncan now has EBola. I would expect Jackson to DEMAND the woman be flown to Nevraska or Atlanta and get equal treatment as the 3 original patients. And DEMAND that any other healthcare workers or people who caught EBOLA from Duncan be flown to Nebraska or Atlanta. And stand at the side of the families of those people, too. And after all, this woman wore protective gear provided by the hospital, someone must be at fault. And if she’s not a white woman, he can say it’s racism, the hospital didnt give her adequate safety clothing!! Of course if it’s a white woman who got Ebola from Duncan–who cares? And the other people who might get it–will the Reverend select whose sides he stands by?

  • James white

    Jesse jacksonplease go to Liberia and find out what he wrote on the papers. While your at it go check on that pregnant lady and visit the hospitals there and give compassion to those people. Please take rev al. And never come back. Since you hate this racist country

  • I can't believe this mediocrity

    Why doesn’t Mr Duncan’s family air their ridiculous grievance in the court in Liberia? Mr Duncan entered America illegally, brought with him a incredibly virulent disease he knew he was exposed to, and now American citizens are going to have to pay for the millions of dollars to clean up his mess and American health care workers might possibly die because of their exposure while trying to help him and their might be a huge outbreak of Ebola in one of America’s largest cities.
    This situation is so ridiculous that it even surprises me that Jesse Jackson is involved. Although he is a pretty silly person I never thought he would stoop this low.

  • RetiredinAz1

    Oh my God! Racism? He lied at the hospital…….if they think he would have been treated differently then they should have taken him back to Liberia where there would not be racism! This racism accusation in the U.S. has got to stop!

  • Daryle Geyer

    Rev. Jackson needs to realize that the hospital staff…Doctors and nurses do not discriminate and
    everyone is treated like the same. Just trying to get others to get riled up is disgusting and making it a race issue is wrong! Most everyone I know is sick of this rhetoric on any issue that involves race. I believe
    all flights from Africa should end!

  • Friday

    Duncan’s family should have their citizenship revoked and be deported back to the rock they crawled out from for harboring a visitor known to have been exposed to and infected with the Ebola virus. Get these clowns out of this country! Ban incoming flights from these infected cesspools already!

  • Me

    maybe his family and Jesse Jackson should head back to Africa to face the penalty that Duncan was gonna receive had he survived! Jesse Jackson must not have heard that the guy lied to be able to come to this country!

  • Marie Stanton

    I’m sure they will file suit against the hospital. They see a payday encouraged by the idiot Jesse. But even if that suit sees a day in court, it won’t go anywhere. They won’t get a dime for his death. He came here exposing hundreds to the virus knowingly. He knew stepping onto that plane that he had possible exposure to ebola. His neighborhood has been stricken with it. He came here with no regard for anyone else, so why should we care about him?
    Who is going to pay his hospital bill? The tax paying citizens of Texas who he put in harms way.
    Maybe the family should discuss with Obama why he wasn’t given the experimental medications. I’m sure there is a stockpile saved for the president and family. Obama didn’t donate his to a black man in need?

  • Mizz

    Lol he wants all his uncles medical records.the usa did more for his uncle than Africa could do for Americans sick over there.UNGRATFUL STUDPIDTY IS what I seen written on his face.Im very sure the hospital did everything they could .

  • Marie Stanton

    Apparently this family doesn’t understand that America rolls their eyes and stops listening once Jesse Jackson gets involved. His mere presence makes a mockery out of anything they are trying to do or say. The man is a ass clown using these people to put himself on the news again.
    It must be hard work fabricating a racial angle to everything. I would think he’d be ready for a vacation after Ferguson and now this…..

  • weepingwillow

    Duncan’s family should be made to pay for the dialysis instrument as well as the respirator that he used that the hospital had to destroy. They should be charged with contributing to the spread of a deadly disease. Then if they continue to complain we should send them back to Liberia!

  • cybilinside

    I don’t feel sorry for this man or his family St this point. He knowingly went to a country where he risked being infected. Then he knowingly brought a deadly disease back to this country. And thanks to his unbelievable selfishness now one of the Healthcare providers who treated him has a disease that may very likely kill her. His family should be ashamed of him and themselves for pulling this well worn race card on this. It’s pathetic and sickening.

  • Todd

    Jesse Jackson= Racist pig Why don’t u go worry about jr . U are such a grandstander who will do anything 4 15min of fame that ended long ago, it’s sick.

    • gain insight

      I was wondering the same thing. I have scrolled over many comments, but yours promotes needed conversation on legit concerns for human welfare. They narrowed the number of people who he had contact with him from 100 to 50, then down to 10 individuals that need to be under observation (assuming these are family members). If they were not under observation or quarantined, we will need to ask why not.

  • Todd

    You can bet His family will get $$. Their son lied about everything and exposed a lot of people (black and white) 2 this disease. People need 2 stop blaming whitey for everything and accept responsbilty 4 your actions.

  • Marvelous

    We don’t own Ebola, Ebola belongs to Africa, it is a deadly disease wherever you are you can die from it.Duncan brought his disease and died from it. There is nothing wrong with that. When he went to the Hospital the first time, he should tell that at the registration, and they will put him in isolation. He failed doing that and he died. I wish he can come back to life 100 times so he can die 100 times more. because 1 death is not enough for him to pay for his murder. Jesse Jackson and the Duncan’s family need to die with the Ebola.Jesse Jackson needs to go to Africa to help the Ebola patients over there, if he think they treat duncan racially. Jesse Jackson is out of service anyway. Nobody is going to listen to him. He is talking out of head. Also, he needs to pay all the hospital bills, and other expenses they used to disinfect the equipment. Then send those people back to the mud where they come from, where everybody is already black, there no way to be racist. So they can continue to eat fruit bats. We don’t need those people here anyway.

  • kk

    ——–A Message for Duncan’s family——-

    Now, the nurse’s family must sue Thomas Duncan family in USA for spreading Ebola and infecting their daughter… I am not an american but I am appalled by the way Duncan’s family reacted on his death…they cried racism and shame America by accusing her of unfair treatment of a black and poor non american patient…. Where are the Duncan family now?? What do they have to say about this innocent nurse who got infected taking care of Thomas… Where are his shameless and greedy family…?? Where is Jesse Jackson?? Oh!! He can’t come unless the patient is black!!! I am neither black nor white…I am brown… But I feel the duncan family went too far by painting racial slur on his death… America has done a lot to help Duncan’s country,himself and the family by whatever means possible!!! Zmapp vaccine has run out of supply….and Duncan and ashoka(the white guy) got the same viral vaccine… If the Duncan family goes ahead and sues the hospital and CDC, the nurse family and the hospital must sue his family of damages and medical bills… One should be grateful that he got better treatment here in the USA…he would have never got the same treatment if he was not allowed to sit on that plane ( and that poor nurse would not have been infected)…

    • Dee Smith

      That makes no sense. People come into hospitals every day with all manners of illnesses. It’s a part of the risk being in the medical field. To say the nurse’s family should sue a patient for getting the nurse sick is just nonsense.

      • Elsie Eye

        I think the point is that this poor nurse may well give her life because she took care of Mr Duncan. Where are Jesse Jackson and Duncan’s family and their accusations now? Shame on Jesse Jackson and his race baiting.

    • kaydee

      The nurse should sue? Really? Coming into contact with ANY type of illness, including ebola, enterovirus, HIV, hepatitis, etc., is part of her job so suing isn’t an option. However, I wonder what type of training she received…after speaking to a nurse with over 50 nursing experience, learning to how protect yourself is BASIC nurse training. There are certain ways you have to put on/take off gloves, garments, etc. I wonder what happened…did she break protocol perhaps?

      • Sarmie

        The race issue has always been Jesse Jackson forte! Instead of helping our country…he is .creating animosity amongst the Americans. Shame on you Jesse Jackson!

  • Marvelous

    The Duncan’s family should pray and thank America for our help because their Africa does not offer them anything. Duncan as a dead man should be proud of himself, he died in a better place, not on the street where they have to spray him with home defense or roundup. He was a lucky man.

  • Ms. Evette

    I am appalled by this family (Duncan) first of all he lied to get here (U.S.) and they think the U.S. should’ve taken him and supplied him with what others got well first of all they all are talking out the side of the necks, just to get some money from the U.S. not gonna happen. He lied and they are lying as well. They have not had contact with Eric in how many years and all of a sudden this man quits his job in Liberia and comes here to marry a woman he had not seen in over 13 years…come on with the bullcrap. I have seen so much in the death of Ebola in Liberia (online) and yes these folks are dying on the streets, and its just sad. But why bring it to someone else he should’ve stayed in Liberia and got treated there and perhaps he would not have died? Right, they are dying often and the U.S. is helping with so much there and yes the doctors that flew back here should’ve been flown back here THEY ARE AMERICANS what part of that don’t anyone understand and guess what they were helping the liberians. Dang I”m tired of this poor Duncan he was mistreated, he mistreated everyone he came in contact with He was blessed to have gotten here for this descent final days. Jesse and all others think about it. What if he had contact with your family member would you still be standing by him. I don’t think so…Thomas E. Duncan was a person all about himself. RIP. The U.S. did what they could.

  • Ana Lo

    I am glad this man is dead. He got what he had coming to him. Now we have a nurse infected and thousands that are being treated due to his selfishness. Of course Jesse Jackson is involved. He always looks for black publicity and claims that blacks are treated poorly. Duncan lied. He claimed he had never come into contact with someone with Ebola but of course he did he was in Liberia, everyone in Libera is at risk. Its such a shame that now all these Americans are at risk and this ungrateful family is now going to try and sue the hospital and the people who put their lives on the line to save him. Who is going to pay for his treatment? The same people that they are going to sue, because his family is broke.

  • American

    Any of you who thinks it’s fair to compare a NON-CITIZEN who brought this disease to our country and was able to do so because he LIED to an INNOCENT hospital worker (and doctors, all of whom ARE American citizens) are fools. This man BROUGHT EBOLA TO THE STATES and he is NOT one of our own. We have no obligation to keep this criminal alive. Question HIS behavior before you go crying racism. An a$$hole can be any color, has nothing to do with race.

  • Jennifer BITEME

    perhaps the recently dx nurse’s family can sue his and then every American who also catches it can also sue his family. Then when they are done they can sue the federal government and homeland security for allowing it.

    • NJ

      Agree, we (Americans) should sue the Duncan family for the $400,000 hospital bill he incurred, and for bringing this deadly disease to our shores by deceit. Just wondering if Mr. Duncan’s mother and nephew are here legally? I read where Duncan’s boss in Liberia said he was arrogant, never followed directions, and wasn’t aware that he was in the states, consequently, he never gave his boss any notice that he was leaving his place of business. This just gives you a little insight into what kind of a person “Mr. Duncan” was!
      The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, check out (google) Jesse Jackson’s politician son from Chicago…

  • Anita Cleve

    that didnt take long…a lawyer and now the race card. any minute now. Jessie the Crook Jackson will be parading in front of the hospital

    • Ms. Evette

      I agree. Get to Steppin’
      They think America owes them something, they come over here with their heads held high as if they are the best and we are the least. Ha after looking up Liberian, Monrovia, West Point Monrovia, how dare them come here and act as if we are the slum of the earth..I’m sad they had to live like that but cherish or be happy that you are living a better life. Would Duncan survived in Africa with Ebola probably not as they do not have all the equipment that was used on him that we have…now what. Look up the area where he came from (Images) google…disgusting…

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