Family of Thomas Eric Duncan says his death from Ebola is ‘racially motivated’

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The family of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to die of Ebola on U.S. soil, joined the Rev. Jesse Jackson at his Rainbow Push headquarters to call foul on the treatment Mr. Duncan received.

They say the treatment Duncan received was at best 'incompetent' and at worst 'racially motivated.'

Duncan passed away last week, but his mom and nephew spoke out at Rainbow Push's weekly gathering today.

The family is asking why Duncan wasn't moved to Emory University Hospital, where Dr. Kent Brantly and Dr. Nancy Writebol received life saving treatment for Ebola.

Duncan's nephew now wants all of his uncle's medical records, where he will have them reviewed by independent doctors and contagious disease experts.

However, doctors at Texas Presbyterian Hospital, where Duncan was treated, say their staff was 'well-equipped' to handle his case.

The whole ordeal has left Duncan's mother heartbroken.

Family members say they are considering some form of legal action against the hospital where Duncan received treatment.


  • Michael Rhodes

    Given the transmission rate, there is a good chance Jesse Jackson won’t even survive long enough to see the lawsuit through. Most Americans will have caught this before we vote in 2016. It’s basic math.

  • Mary Koski

    I believe anyone with out insurance would have been turned away from most hospitals in the US black white or other. I see more problems coming with this virus. Insurance companies in many cases do not cover blood tests and deductibles are scary high. If someone had a fever of 99.9 I would bet denial will set in “Can’t be Ebola not me” must be a touch of the flu. Lots of people go to work not feeling well thus spreading this awful disease. Sad sad sad.

  • Really?

    No matter what the color he was, he was not an American citizen and had no insurance. This is a pay and play healthcare system, just like many other countrys. Now they are going to try and sue and win a big lawsuit over this. Really? I do feel badly for the guy and for his family, but you can not expect to come from another country and then get free healthcare at taxpayer cost. Now 2 other people could die and possibly many others because of his decision to come to this country. Maybe even some of his own family members. I’m sure thats not what Eric intended, but with 10,000 new Ebola cases a week in Liberia occuring I ask why arent they completely shutting off all air travel and get the word out there we will NOT TREAT ANYONE who is not a citizen and paying into health care. Having worked in hospitals before in NY, I am sick and tired of people getting off the plane with xrays in hand expecting us to fix their problems for free and having US taxpayers pick up the tab thru indigent care. For those who complain about Obamacare, be aware that the new structure put into place will eliminate indigent care and make our system a true “Pay or play” system like Canada, Great Britian, and so many others. For example if I fly to Europe I know better to just expect my health insurance of Medicare to pay for me while Im over there. Thats why we by trip insurance to cover if we have an inury or hospital stay over there. Otherwise it all comes out of pocket and it is expected that you pay upfront. Why can every other country effectively do that and yet this man’s family just expect he can fly here and receive free health care? Sadly that is exactly what he got because Im sure they won’t be paying the bill.

  • AV's Urban News (@angelicvh)

    He lied about being exposed more than once to gain access to the U.S. His irresponsibility put a whole nation at risk. His death was not racism. He was admitted and treated.He died. For the 2 nurses he infected he is responsible for. Though I am sure his family is devastated the facts don’t point to racism and they need to back away from that position.

    • Diverg S

      What proof do you have that the man lied? Based off of the information from his family and Africans in his community, it appears that he DID NOT LIE. He took a woman to the hospital that was having a pregnancy with lots of complications. It was not know that she had eboli until AFTER she died. Based off of simple information, it appears that he could not have known. There are more places to get news than fox, lol.

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